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10 Unmissable Places to Visit in Japan

From tranquil bamboo forests to skyscrapers and serene temples to neon arcades, and an amazing ancient culture Japan is a place that no one should miss to visit. Along with beautiful places, you will find incredible food and ultra-polite people in Japan. A lot of information on this and other topics you can find among essay samples . Ten of the most amazing Places to Visit in Japan that no traveler should ever miss if they want the full experience.

Places to Visit in Japan

Most efficient public transport makes it easier to explore Japan. The following are 10 places in Japan that you don’t have to miss.

Top Places to Visit in Japan

1. Kyoto:

With limited time, if you have the option to visit only one place make sure that you visit Kyoto. It has brightly colored kimonos that emerge from bamboo forests and wooden tea houses to give Japan a traditional look it is famous for. It has gold and silver temples and shrines and a Zen garden with raked gravel. If you are wondering where to stay in Kyoto to fully experience the rustic charms of old Japan, Gion is the place to be.

Places to Visit in Japan

2. Tokyo:

As compared to Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan, Tokyo is an ultramodern city of Japan. You will find noisy arcades, skyscrapers, crazy youth fashion, and busy pedestrian crossings. You will find some incredible food in Tokyo even if you are vegetarian.

3. Takayama:

It is a small town that is located on the edge of the Japanese Alps. It is an utterly gorgeous and less visited places in Japan. It is a historic center that is full of colorful shrines, wooden houses, red bright bridges over rivers, and neatly shaped trees.

4. Hakone:

A must-see Japanese landmark that is often hidden by clouds. Mount Fuji is on the visit list of several people when it comes to visiting Japan. You can reach Hakone easily from Tokyo and you can do a lot of things in the area if you have some time spared from site seeing.

5. Kanazawa:

If you are looking for a quiet place with fewer people and the same traditional experience as Kyoto, Kanazawa is the place to go. It is another geisha district that has buildings of preserved woods. It has a stunning castle, many art museums and the most beautiful garden in the country.

Places to Visit in Japan

6. Nikko:

Nikko, a temple town and marked as a UNESCO world heritage site, is a few hours away in the north from Tokyo. It is in the mountains and famous for its autumn colors. The wooded hillside of the town has shrines and temples with moss-covered stone lanterns and vermillion gates.

7. Koya-san:

Another interesting place to experience traditional Japan is mount Koya aka Koya-San. This town is situated in Kansai’s forest-covered mountains. It is a sacred and secluded temple town that is best to have a taste of monk life if you stay in a temple lodging.

8. Tsumago:

Tsumago is a mountain village in the Kiso Valley of Japan. You will find yourself in traffic less streets if you visit this place that has beautiful wooden inns.

Places to Visit in Japan

9. Nara:

Nara, the first permanent capital city of Japan, has several UNESCO world heritage sites along with many historical buildings. It is famous for its temples and wild deer in Nara Park.

10. Hiroshima:

Famous for the atom bomb attack in World War II, Hiroshima is an entirely rebuilt city. If you are visiting Japan, visit Hiroshima to pay your respect to the victims of the attack and see the modern city.

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