10 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Munich

If you were looking for tips to travel to Munich for the first time, you have come to the right place. Traveling to Munich is much more than traveling to a city; It’s a trip to German culture! Located in the region of Bavaria; Germany’s most traditional and conservative region, Munich is a charming city, the result of a mix between traditional and modern. Good beer, incredible landscapes, colorful costumes, culture, history, and traditions await you in Munich. Start organizing your trip as soon as possible. For this, we have created a guide that will help you throughout the process.Get the best experience in Germany while visiting Munich with this travel tips. all you need to know and more!

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Visiting Munich

Munich Travel Tips

How to get to the city

Traveling to Munich is very simple thanks to the transport connection that exists, both from national and international destinations. To travel to Munich you have several options:

  • Munich-Franz Josef Strauss International Airport
  • Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof)
  • ZOB bus station (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof München)

To get to the city from the airport, the easiest is to take the S-Bahn service; There are only two lines (1 and 8) and it will take approximately 40-50 minutes to reach the city center. If you want the most comfortable option to go from the airport to the city, you can hire a car with, it is a great option if you travel with a lot of luggage or with several people.

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How to get around the city

  • To move within the city you have different transportation options:
  • Commuter train (S-Bahn)
  • Metro (U-Bahn)
  • Urban buses
  • Tram

Getting around with public transport is so simple that you can visit Munich without a problem on your own.

In which area to stay

The city of Munich has very different neighborhoods or areas. The most convenient will be to choose an area that fits your budget, but also to your tastes.

Altdstad is the area of ​​the historic center. You will have everything very close, but at an excessively high price. This area is ideal for those who want to be in the old town, admiring its architecture and in the very center of the bustle of the city.

If you like the cultural environment, your area is Maxvorsdat. Near the historic center, but away from the hustle and bustle, in this area, you will find art galleries, libraries, stylish cafés, and good nightlife as it is close to the university area.

With an environment similar to Maxvorstadt, you also have the option of staying in Isarvorstadt. Known for its famous Gärtnerplatz square and also for its nightlife.

If you plan to travel to Munich during Oktoberfest, it is best to stay in Ludwigsvorstadt. Here is the Theresienwiese and its famous statue of Bavaria.

At what time of the year to travel

Munich is a city where the 4 seasons of the year are lived: summer, autumn, spring and winter. Each season has its beauty and charm, but if you ask me I would say that the best time of the year to visit Munich is in summer. During the summer the city is full of activities and events everywhere. The weather is not so hot (usually around a maximum of 25) and is a pleasant time to walk around the city.

Winter is usually long and hard with temperatures below 0 degrees and a lot of snow. It is nice to see the city covered with snow, but you will need to be well sheltered to travel the city. Spring is also beautiful, but there is usually a lot of rain. The problem with rains is that the temperature drops again if it rains a couple of days in a row.

Fall would be the second season of the year that would be good for traveling to Munich. The cold is not as intense nor the rains. Seeing the colored trees gives the city a unique touch; It is also a medium-low season compared to summer which is the high season.

How many days do I need to get to know Munich?

Munich is the third-largest city in the country. So you can imagine how much this city has to offer. The minimum recommended days to visit the city would be 2 days. Which will give you enough time to visit the city center, take a short walk through the Englischer Garten and visit the odd museum.

If you want to take full advantage of the city and even reserve time to do an occasional excursion to the surroundings, then 5 days to travel to Munich will be great for you.

Englisher Garten: the largest park in the city.

The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is one of the largest urban parks in the world; Even bigger than Central Park. The best way to tour this park and take advantage of all its attractions is to do it by bicycle.

Englisher Garten is one of the favorite meeting points of the locals; especially in spring and summer.

It is common to see them celebrate birthdays, reunite with family, play sports, do cultural meetings and even swim in the small river Schwabinger Bach when it is very hot.

Olympiapark: the best panoramic views of the city

The Olympiapark is a park that was built in 1972 for the Olympic Games. This park, in addition to being an incredible place to ride your bike or take a walk, also has two viewpoints from where you can enjoy fabulous views of the city:

Olympiaberg: it is a hill inside the Olympic park where you can see the whole city and even if it is clear you can get to see the Alps in the background.

Olympiaturm: This Olympic tower has a panoramic viewpoint at 190 meters high and also has a panoramic restaurant. The views from there are amazing!

In this park there are also many events, concerts, sports races, fairs and sporting events. An excellent way to get to know the Olympiapark is to do it with a guided tour, so you can learn a little more about the history of this incredible place.

What to eat in Munich

Do not think that being in Munich you will only find sausages to eat. Being a big city you will have many options to choose from (Italian, Turkish, Asian, Mexican, Oriental, fast food, etc.) in case you don’t like German food. But if you really want to try the typical Bavarian cuisine, you can try some of the restaurants located in Marienplatz and the surrounding area.

If you want to try the typical German food but at more affordable prices, it is best to look for options outside the city center. The advantage of these restaurants, in addition to the price, is the typical German tavern atmosphere. The most typical things to eat in these restaurants are Münchner Weißwurst (the famous white sausage), Hendel vom Grill (roast chicken, typical of Oktoberfest), Schweinehaxe (pork knuckle), Wiener Schnitzel or Münchner Leberkäse. And of course, do not forget the dessert: the “Pfannkuchen” or the “Apfelstrudel”.

Tips in Munich

Tips for the services are not included in the price of the food you see on the restaurant menu. Although they are not mandatory, the tip culture in Munich is deeply rooted. If you pay in cash consider leaving the amount equivalent to 10% of your bill. If you pay by card, they will ask you if you want to add the tip to the account or if you prefer to pay it in cash.

Thalkirchen: nature without leaving the city

Another thing you can do in Munich is to visit the Thalkirchen (Tierpark) area. On the banks of the Isar River there is an area known as Flaucher. Riding a bike or taking a walk through this park is a good plan for those who want to surround themselves with nature without leaving the city. During the summer and spring weekends it is common to see families and friends make a barbecue on the banks of the Isar River. In the surrounding shops you can buy a small portable disposable grill in case you also want to make your own barbecue. Although if you prefer, inside the park there is also a Biergarten where you can eat without so many complications.

If the weather allows it, you can even swim in the river. Another option to get in touch with nature is to visit the Hellabrunn zoo that is located on the other side of the park and has a large variety of animals in captivity.

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