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10 Tips for Planning an Amazing Trip to Africa

Is an amazing trip to Africa on your bucket list? Here’s what you need to know about the best way to there and what to do once you arrive. These tips will help make sure your once-in-a-lifetime vacation is truly unforgettable.Ten things you can do while planning your next trip to Africa as smooth and relaxed as possible.Learn all about trip to Africa.

Amazing Trip to Africa

A once-in-a-lifetime trip through Africa is something a lot of people dream about.

Vacationing in Africa can have you experiencing close encounters with wild animals on a safari and seeing magnificent national parks.

Being such a big continent with a lot of sights to see, it can be difficult to figure out where to start your trip planning.

Here are the top 10 tips to help plan an amazing trip to Africa.

1. Set Aside a Few Weeks for a Trip to Africa

This is not a trip that you want to rush. We recommend using at least two weeks if not longer to explore all that you can in Africa.

If you extend your trip a few weeks, that will give you enough time to maybe even see multiple different countries in Africa and the varied landscapes.

You can travel by plane or by car if you take the scenic route and road trip from city to city.

2. Renting a Car

While renting cars and driving them yourself while on vacation might be normal for you, that is not the case in some African countries like Ghana.

A licensed driver will take you where you want to go when you rent a car in Ghana. This system works because the drivers are are experts at driving in these areas.

This is a safe and reliable source of transportation available to tourists in the area.

Whatever transportation your trip requires, you will be able to find it like passenger vans, safari services, buses, and salon car rentals.

Click here to read more about the unique car rental system.

3. Pick Your Location

Africa is not a small continent. In fact, it is the world’s second-largest continent!

There is a vast array of different landscapes, attractions, activities, and sights to experience and choose from.

A trip to Egypt might be the best choice if art and ancient history interests you.

Kenya is the perfect location for a wilderness safari. Countries like Tanzania also boasts animal viewing safaris.

If seeing the coast and the beach is more your style, Africa has that too. South Africa has access to the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

4. Plan Ahead

It’s never advisable to try to book a whole trip weeks or days before you wish to leave for Africa.

Flights can get expensive due to limited carriers, flights, and seats. They also tend to fill up quickly due to the same reasons.

For the best prices on hotels, flights, and other tickets, you will need to consider booking everything well in advance. This will be much easier on your wallet and gives you more time to plan your perfect vacation.

A pro tip is to try and get the number of flights limited to the least amount possible. If there are any complications or delays and you miss connecting flights, it could push back your whole trip.

5. Invest in Travel Insurance

Because you are planning so far in advance and are more than likely spending a lot of money on reservations, it is smartest to invest in trustworthy travel insurance.

This will protect you if there are any cancellations of your flights or other parts of your trip. The travel insurance will also be helpful if you run into any type of theft while traveling.

6. Don’t Skip Travel Medicine

Any time you are traveling outside your country, you will need to make a trip to see your doctor.

Your doctor will alert you to the recommended shots and vaccines needed for traveling to Africa.

Some things they will talk to you about trying to prevent is yellow fever, typhoid, and hepatitis A. Also be aware of the threat of malaria.

The doctor will probably suggest an anti-malaria prophylactic to take to avoid this.

Be aware that not all countries in Africa are the same and depending on where you plan on traveling, the vaccination requirements might be different.

7. Indulge in Fine Craftsmanship

In many African countries, it is common to find local craftsmen who can make things like jewelry and other trinkets at the local markets.

Some even will be able to custom tailor clothes for you in unique African fabrics.

Being able to take something home with you that you can wear and appreciate is memorable.

8. Get the Full Experience

There is only so much that you can gain from staying in a nice 5-star resort.

If you leave the confines of your hotel room, you will find a ton of authentic culture and new experiences.

In the local villages, you have the ability to go to bustling markets and buy things for people back home. You can also partake in trying different types of African cuisine.

You’ll never know what you can find just by talking to the local people of whatever area you are in. They might be able to tell you about a fun festival or event to go to.

Getting a little uncomfortable could be the key to having a vacation you’ll never forget.

9. Do Some Research

Knowing as much as you can about the destinations you will be going on your trip is important.

Look into investing in guidebooks and apps that will make your traveling as smooth as possible.

This will assist you in finding experiences that are a little more niche and will also educate you in the culture of that area.

10. Think About Money

Know that ATM’s aren’t available everywhere, only in bigger cities.

Try to only carry enough money on you to get you to your next big destination.

Carrying all the cash needed for the whole trip can be dangerous and is therefore not advisable. Make sure to not keep all the money in the same spot so that if anything happens, you still have some funds.

Call your bank before traveling to let them know you will be traveling so they don’t suspect fraudulent charges.

Find the Right Professional to Help You

Your trip to Africa will take a lot of preparation and planning. It might be best to look into finding a travel expert to help you plan and help you make the most out of vacationing in Africa.

As an expat, Travel Experta is a great resource to help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

To read and learn more travel tips, visit our blog.

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