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10 Tips for Traveling Small But In Style

The ultimate guide to packing light without having to compromise on style.So, you’re going traveling and you want to pack light? The guide to pack light without having to compromise on Traveling Small But In Style.So, you’re going traveling and you want to pack light?


Traveling Small But In Style

#1 – Do your research 

There are loads of minimalists who travel the world with only a backpack. It can be done. 

Before you start packing, you should take a look at some minimalist packing guides and see what items they all have in common.  

While you’re doing this, think back to previous trips you’ve been on. What items did you use? And what items stayed in your trunk all week. 

#2 – Travel with a pop-up trailer 

Traveling doesn’t get any lighter than a pop-up trailer. These trailers offer all the luxury of a full-sized RV, without having to tow anything bulky, or having to travel without your car. 

Pop-up RV’s take minutes to assemble and offer you the security of four walls, a double bed, and even cupboards. They are the true form of glamping. 

The average pop-up RV is so light that you can tow it with a motorbike. 

If you want to know what the best pop-up camper on the market is then check out

#3 – Invest in multipurpose tools 

If a tool can’t be used for more than one thing, then don’t pack it. 

The only exception we would make for this rule would be a stove top kettle – because we can’t go without a cup of coffee in the morning. 

When it comes to the rest of our cooking equipment, if it can’t do more than one job, then it doesn’t get a spot in the car. 

#4 – Bring mini toiletries 

You will have seen them in your local Target or Walmart and they are far more useful than most people think. If you are traveling for less than a month then you don’t need to bring any full-sized products.

They also sell empty bottles and tubs that you can decant your must-take products into. It can be hard to find mini versions of skincare products, so these tubs can really save you a lot of space. 

#5 – Bring a tablet 

There is one tool out there that was made for light travelers. One that can be your book collection, your TV, your laptop, your notebook, your CD collection, your day planner, and much more. 

Instead of traveling with all these individual items, just travel with a tablet. All you need for this multitasking tool is a charger and a case. They barely take up any space and you can cut a lot of other items off your packing list. 

#6 – Invest in a travel backpack 

Ever wondered why backpackers travel around with those impressive 35L bags? It’s because they can fit a huge amount of stuff in them and they are really easy to travel with.

Make sure that you get a backpack that comes with both chest and abdominal straps. This will help to spread the weight evenly across your body and prevent you from injuring your back. 

#7 – Don’t use a suitcase with hard walls 

If you do want to travel with a suitcase, rather than a backpack – then stay away from the suitcases with hard walls. 

These inflexible materials make it really difficult to pack oddly shaped items or items that are solid. A fabric suitcase will have a lot more give to it and will still be strong enough to survive your travels without getting damaged. 

#8 – Use compression packing cubes 

If you have never heard of compression packing cubes before then we are about to change your life. 

Lots of packing hacks will tell you to pack fewer clothes to save space, but this is a list about not sacrificing style. Instead, we recommend that you pack your clothes in compression cubes. These are mini versions of the vacuum packs that are used for storing clothes.  

#9 – Find a local laundry service before you leave 

This tip encompasses the idea that – “you can buy whatever you need when you get out there.” You can skip out on packing a lot of items because you will be able to get them while you are away. 

However, we think that you should also scope out the local amenities before you go. If there is a launderette then you don’t have to pack so much underwear.  If there are toilets on the campsite you don’t need to bring your own portable one. 

Getting hold of this information only takes about 10 minutes but it can make your packing process a lot easier. 

#10 – Don’t sacrifice your first aid kit 

The one thing you should never sacrifice to save space is your first aid kit. First aid kits can save lives, no matter where you are traveling to. 

So pack your first aid kit first, then you know you will always have space for it. 


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