10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Dubai

Dubai is such an iconic and well-known city that it may appear familiar even to first-timers. But, the place is more than what your eyes meet. In other words, knowing a few important things before you travel here not only gives you a better understanding of the city, but also allows you to make the most of your Dubai trip. So here are 10 things to know about Dubai.Dubai is such an iconic and well known city that it appear familiar even to first-timers.Here are 10 things to know before traveling to Dubai.

Traveling to Dubai

This is the one of the foremost things to determine when you plan for a Dubai trip. If you wish to be here for its outdoors, exciting events and cool seasonal attractions such as Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village, the best time to visit Dubai is the winter months (from late October to early March). But for those who aren’t much outdoorsy or even on a tight budget, it’s most ideal to travel to Dubai during summer months (May to September.)

Traveling to Dubai

Once you time your Dubai visit, the next comes one of the most crucial steps. What you require to fly to Dubai may be more than airline tickets. For instance, if you are not eligible for any sort of visa exemptions, you should apply and get your visit visa Dubai approved before your intended travel date. Subject to the purpose, duration and frequency of your Dubai visit, you can opt for a single entry visa or multiple entry visa (valid for 30 days or 90 days).  OTB (Ok to Board) is another travel mandate that you should have in place. This procedure conducted by your airline service provider is especially applicable to those traveling from Asian destinations. 

Traveling to Dubai

This is particularly for those who want to cut down on their air travel expenses. First of all, reserve your airline tickets in advance (at least three to four months before), especially when you are traveling in the peak tourist season. This further gives you more flexibility and options, along with early bird offers. For more savings, consider traveling on weekdays instead of weekends (Thursday and Friday) and holidays. Apart from these, don’t wait till the last moment to book your tickets even if you’re traveling to Dubai in the off-season. 

Traveling to Dubai

Once you zero in on your travel date, don’t make any delay in the booking of your Dubai accommodation. For best hotel rates, be sure to make comparisons, check for deals, and use the hotel points (if any). Moreover, to assure yourself of utmost savings, you can choose an accommodation that is a bit away from the central or strategic Dubai locations. Most hotel bookings are inclusive of daily breakfast. But you can skip this by bagging a more affordable room-only option. Apart from these, don’t hesitate to ask for upgrades or an extra perk or facility as most hotels arrange it for a nominal fee or sometimes even free. 

Traveling to Dubai

Yes, it’s essential to have an awareness of Dubai’s local laws and regulations. This helps you to avoid many such unpleasant moments as the hefty fee payment and imprisonment. So take these things to consideration once in Dubai. 

  • Dubai is an Islamic destination, so make sure that you don’t indulge in any activity that (in any way) shows disrespect to its culture, religion or heritage. 
  • Take care to wear modest dresses and further ensure that it covers your arms and knees, in particular when you are in a public place or you visit a religious attraction or a cultural / historical landmark. 
  • Get prior permission before you click pictures of important Dubai government structures and local Emiratis, mainly women. 
  • Dubai is a spotless city, so be careful about not littering the place. 
  • Avoid any kind of PDAs and of course don’t smoke or consume alcohol in public. 
  • Don’t eat and drink in public in the holy month of Ramadan. 
Traveling to Dubai

With sights and attractions of statues like the tallest-of-its-kind Burj Khalifa and one-of-its-kind Burj Al Arab, it goes without saying that Dubai is an expensive city where you can expect to shell out quite a fortune on entry tickets to its iconic landmarks. But the good news for budget travelers is that it is possible for them to save in this department as well. For this, you can purchase an all-inclusive combo pass that bundles up two or more of your favorite Dubai attractions / activities such as dhow cruise Dubai and city tour for one single low-rate. Most tours and travel service providers run promotions from time to time; keep a track of their websites and social media pages etc for their latest deals, coupon codes etc. 


Whether you are on an extravagant or a money-pinching holiday, Dubai caters to every pocket. You can book a private transfer with or without a driver to explore the city. Now if you have plans to get behind the wheel, it’s a must to have an international driving license. Now if you don’t spend too much money in this section, you can count on Dubai’s public transport including metro, buses and ferries. They are safe, spotless, and super affordable too. What’s more; a ride in Dubai Metro is a must-experience in its own right – it’s the longest of its kind and most importantly, driverless and fully automated. 


Did you know that Dubai is the second home to over 200 nationalities? Yes, people from different parts of the world harmoniously live in this compact city. And this has greatly impacted its gastronomic scene. So cast your speculations to the wind; whether you’re a staunch vegan or someone who doesn’t want to miss their homely food or even one who wants to try new cuisines, Dubai is certain to fulfill every appetite and culinary preference. And the best part is that it caters to every budget and fancy too. It doesn’t matter if you want to try street food, enjoy bonafide English style brunch, dine in a sky-high setting or even amidst the clouds – everything is possible here. 


Yes, it’s not easy to escape the tonnes of shopping options across the city. From its over 70 gigantic malls to its charming Arabian bazaars (locally called souks) to the exclusive annual events such as Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), it’s definite that even the most cynical will be attracted to do some retail therapy once in the city. So be sure to set aside some space (in your luggage) and of course, a dedicated budget for your shopping spree in Dubai. 


These are the must-haves for your Dubai trip. 

  • Comfortable modest wear
  • Dubai is sunny year-round, so don’t forget sunglasses, hats, sunscreen lotion / cream etc (for outdoor activities)
  • A shawl or a light jacket; regardless of the season or time of your visit, this comes as handy when you visit a conventional point of interest or a heavily air-conditioned attraction / spot. 
  • Universal power adapter 


As we wrap this list up, be sure to keep the above things in your mind to assure yourself of the most amazing time in Dubai. Yes, this lets you plan your Dubai holiday well while sticking on to your desired budget and unique inclinations. 

Last Updated on September 10, 2023

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