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10 Things to do in Newport Rhode Island

Newport in Rhode Island is a small port town that is known for having the highest amount of colonial buildings than any other city in the US. So just imagine how cute it is! Aside from all of the cool historic landmarks it also offers lots of outdoor activities and a few other rather unique ones.

10 Fun Things to Do in Newport:

1. The Newport MansionsNewport is home to 10 enormous, beachfront mansions that have been turned into museums. The Breakers Mansion is the most popular one, but they all have a unique quality that will catch your attention. You get to see most of them from the Cliff Walk.


2. Ice Cream Train TourThis is a relatively new attraction that I wasn’t able to find in my research. It was actually one of the suggestions from the tourism board of Newport. The train was an awesome option for my boys. It is basically a train ride where you can buy food and ice cream. If you take the tour during the sunset you also get a show.


3. LighthousesThere are a few of picturesque lighthouses spread all over the Atlantic coast of Newport. Many of them are opened for visitors to tour them. They are keepers of fantastic stories from centuries ago.


4. Firehouse Theater – If you have some free time during a weekend visit The Firehouse Theater for a show of improvisation comedy. It is a good place to visit for a fun time as you enjoy refreshments. Other sorts of shows also take place in it. Check out their schedule to see if there is anything you might want to see.

5. Artillery Company of Newport – The Artillery Company of Newport is now a ceremonial unit of Rhode Island. In it ceremonies for patriotic veterans, cannon salutes and honor guards take place. What makes it worth visiting is the military museum that it has. You can learn a lot about the military importance of the place through the years.

6. Cruising on Sailboats – Being a port town it is expected to find a lot of boats tied to the dock. The good news is that a few of the sailboat’s owners offer tours off of Newport’s coast. This allows you to relax as you enjoy the views. These tours are particularly good during the sunset because of the views.

sailing newport rhode island

7. International Tennis Hall of Fame and MuseumThis is a place that every tennis lover must visit! It is home to tons of artifacts that once belonged to famous players, or that have to do with the sport. You can also learn a lot about its history.

8. Naval War College Museum – As the name implies, the museum is dedicated to honor and educate visitors about naval warfare. In the Naval War College Museum you can find items and information about milestones in the evolutionary development of war at sea.

9. Fort AdamsIt was an important, strategic place during the war of 1812, but has been around since 1799. This fortification is now used as the place where the Newport Jazz Festival takes place. You are also allowed to visit and explore this fortress. The administrators offer a few different tours to choose from.

10. Water Sports – As I mentioned before, this is a coastal town so there are tons of water sports available. What is it that you like? Kayaks, jet skis or maybe fishing trips and other water sports are available in Newport for all adventurers.

Newport may look small, but as you can see, it has tons of things to do. One day won’t be enough here, not even two if you truly want to experience what it has to offer.


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