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10 Things Solo Female Travelers Should Know

Traveling solo is not all about excitement, and fun especially if you are female. Luckily for me I traveled solo safely around the globe with having happy and sad memories and all the misses in between. Blunders, embarrassing and winning moments, huge goof-ups from my travel experiences that taught me to stay safe with each trip.Solo female travelers need to be more careful than normal.Take a look at this list of ten things that will help you prepare for it.

So here are the best 10 tips to stay safe for solo female travelers especially if you are traveling around the globe.

Solo Female Travelers

10 Things Solo Female Travelers Should Know

Dress ‘Local’

This makes many people including me feel – I have the right to dress as I like wherever I am !! Agreed but it is also good to explore different looks and dress like a native person of that land. This is actually realistic and practical to do as it helps blend into the culture. For example, when on a pilgrimage tour to top pilgrimage sites in India wear a scarf to cover the head and shoulders and remove footwear outside temples. So, when abroad read tips on traveling to India for first timers.

Avoid booze

Who wouldn’t want to chill out with a drink at a bar overseas? You must have a couple of friends with you or it is not clever to drink when you are all alone in a new country. Getting intoxicated by drink or substance is allowing problems unimaginable to catch up with you when you’re a solo traveler.

Feeling Lonely? Day Tour helps

This is a happy thing to do especially for first timers to any country you are not familiar with the culture or did not research on. So, be with a group of people and the best way to do this is to join a day tour.

Keep Stay Secret

It is a good idea that nobody known where you are put up when they know you are from a different place. A female solo traveler must not give out their stay on meeting new unknown people they are not familiar with. I have this ‘safe traveling habit’ to meet up at a common point instead of in the hotel not that something bad is expected but for self – preservation.

Try not be ‘Forward’ or Free

This is one of the lessons of solo travel I have learned over time. As a friendly traveler I chatted a lot with strangers making eye contact and dressing smart but also learned to do it with caution. Many guys think that this is a type of ‘hooking up’ or checking out a ‘date’ when I was just being free or a ‘forward’ human.

Read Situations

When traveling alone and not with others it is good to be vigilant and try to read a situation that is fishy or strange. If everything looks okay but you still feel uncomfortable then try to leave it ASAP.

Carry Safety equipment

My favorite safety equipment when I’m traveling alone is definitely a whistle and a plastic doorstep. Think anything innovative that is not harmful for you or others that you are comfortable using alone.

Go by intuition

People have various instincts they trust and know best only for themselves. So, go by your intuition.

Select Destination

If you’re traveling for first time somewhere then select a familiar destination and travel via India’s Palace on Wheels train to be safe.

Advance Booking

I love to plan travel carefully so it takes a lot of time. I have learned it stops my prospects to my selected destination by the time I choose it. Book the Palace on Wheels train in advance to avoid last minute rush or price hike.

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