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Travel Guide – 10 Relaxing Destinations You Should Consider Visiting

The world is a big and beautiful place. However, you will never truly experience this beauty and wonder if you are committed to living and dying in the little town in which you were born. Therefore, to experience and feel more, consider paying a visit to one or maybe all of these destinations, each of which is renowned for their beauty and ability to keep visitors returning for more.10 of the most relaxing destinations to travel to.Take a look at this article to find a list of relaxing destinations.

1. Maldives

Relaxing Destinations

The Maldives is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world – and for good reason. This country provides an extremely relaxing atmosphere thanks to its pristine atolls and unrivaled beaches. You can enjoy much of this in exclusivity, as many of the hotels are situated on private islands.

Visit The Maldives to soak in the gentle sun, whilst relaxing on soft white sand at the edge of clear waters. Combine this with the wonderful hospitality of the local people, fresh seafood cuisine and the easy going atmosphere, you’ve got the perfect location to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. It also makes for a great vacation spot for couples and individuals who are fans of water sports, such as diving and snorkeling.

2. Australia

According to Ausmove, Australia is one of the best destinations you can visit for a short-term vacation or even to completely relocate. The country boasts a healthy economy and employment market, as well as a hospitable and tolerant society. Aside from this, there is also the wild beauty of Australia, with its unique wildlife and flora that differs, depending on which region you’re in. This includes beaches, deserts, forests, and more. Notably, the country is gigantic, so if you find its easy-going cities to be a bit too much, you can choose to settle in one of Australia’s less populated states.

3. Thailand

Relaxing Destinations

From the islands of Ko Samui, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket to Bangkok, Thailand is a peaceful place for local people and visitors alike. This diverse country is made up of beautiful beaches and serene Buddhist temples. There’s also the unique fragrant cuisine, which you can find everywhere from street carts to restaurants. However, potentially the best thing about Thailand is just how inexpensive it can be to visit.

4. Bali

If it’s more beautiful beaches, delicious food and beautiful culture you want, then what about Bali? Whilst in Bali, there’s a multitude of relaxing things to do, like sunbathe at beautiful Nusa Dua or head to Ubud, where you can visit local markets and shop for colorful, distinct pieces of art. Certainly, they make for great gifts and souvenirs.

5. Antigua

The Caribbean is home to many beautiful islands, but Antigua sits amongst the very best when it comes to beauty, rest and relaxation. Life in Antigua is laid back and you’re bound to adapt to the lifestyle in no time, whether you’re visiting alone or on a romantic break for two.

There are over 300 beaches to explore on the island. However, if for some reason that isn’t your cup of tea, then Antigua’s capital, St John’s, is well worth visiting for a leisurely stroll. The picturesque harbor and colonial architecture are definitely worth your time.  

6. Marbella

Relaxing Destinations

Marbella has grown to be a popular tourist destination, especially for those looking for some much needed downtime. Located on Spain’s southern coast, Marbella offers picturesque sandy beaches, gorgeous harbors, beautiful people and vibrant greenery, providing all you need for the perfect getaway. Furthermore, let’s not forget the distinct Mediterranean cuisine that’s bound to leave you wanting more.

7. Algarve

If you’re looking for some peace and relaxation for you and your family, why not visit The Algarve? There’s sun, sea, sand, and everything else you’d need for the entire duration of your stay. If you become tired of sunbathing on the beach, there are also other fun activities to enjoy, such as water sports, as well as a vibrant nightlife.

8. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is for people who know how to kick back and relax. It might be a major city, but its residents are famous for their laid back lifestyle. So, there’s no need to rush during your visit; instead, take your time and relax your mind, as you take pleasant canal boat cruises, visit museums, or indulge in Amsterdam’s (completely legal) marijuana cafes.

9. Tenerife

It’s definitely worth investing in a vacation home of your own in Tenerife if you can. It is the most popular island in the Canaries and boasts an abundance of impressive beaches to help you unwind. The longer you stay, the more at home you’ll feel, and the less likely you are to want to leave.

The pleasures of Tenerife aren’t restricted to lone adventurers, as the island also makes for a great retreat for couples and families. There’s something fun for people of all ages to enjoy, regardless the time of day. Just about the most ‘boring’ thing you can do is climb up Tenerife’s active volcano, Mount Teide…which is most definitely not a boring adventure by any stretch of the imagination!

10. Dubai

The desert that was transformed into an oasis littered with stunning beaches, towering skyscrapers, and shopping malls; this is the simplest way to describe Dubai. In fact, Dubai has been developed as the perfect getaway for anyone and everyone looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Your relaxation is 100% guaranteed when you stay at any of Dubai’s many luxury hotels. If heading out for adventure, be sure to try out the watermarks and desert safaris for a more fulfilling experience.

So, which of these relaxing destinations would you like to escape to – or do you have somewhere else in mind? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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