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10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Bangalore

What’s not to love about the charming city of Bangalore? From its luscious gardens to its thriving nightlife and all-around pleasant weather, there’s nothing this city doesn’t offer. That’s what makes this city the perfect location for your pre-wedding shoot. If you’re planning to hire the best pre-wedding photographers for your wedding in Bangalore, keep reading because we’ve listed down the top 10 pre-wedding shoot locations for you that will certainly make your photos and videos worth framing!

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Bangalore

1. Cubbon Park

You just can’t go wrong with this one. Spread over 300 acres, located in the heart of the city & with its well-maintained gardens, Cubbon Park is a winner.

Especially if you are looking for something close by and free of cost, without compromising on the quality of the location. The best time to get your shoot done would be in the morning. This would not only help you avoid the crowds, but you can also take full benefit of that gorgeous morning light creeping through the tree branches.

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2. Grover Vineyards

Take things up a notch by choosing Grover Vineyards for your pre-wedding shoot. Imagine acres & acres of vineyards nestled on the foot of Nandi Hills and beautiful vistas for as far as the eye can see.

Sound picturesque doesn’t it?  What’s more, you can take a tour and indulge in wine tasting which is sure to calm your camera-facing nerves. And the pictures too would look beautiful and intimate as you and your partner genuinely immerse yourselves in the vineyard experience.

3. Nandi Hills

No list can be complete without the mention of ‘hills of happiness’ or Nandi Hills as it is popularly known. Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, a short drive will bring you to this stunning mountainscape that is 4,851 ft above sea level. Known for its stunning sunrises and sunsets, your pre-wedding shoot will literally take place above the clouds.

4. Sommer House

Are you a couple that loves all things vintage, wants the flexibility of indoor and outdoor locations and adores a cute cottage? Look no further. Built in the ’50s this German cottage has its own collection of vintage cars, a beautiful old-school bungalow, and a courtyard with a beautifully maintained lawn.

5. Windsor Manor

Looking for something that screams opulence and elegance? There’s none who does it better than the luxurious Windsor Manor. This rich European architecture complete with cascading fountains will take you back in time. A glass-covered ceiling and a secret garden are just some of the many gems on offer if you decide on the manor as your pre-wedding shoot location.

6. The Bangalore Palace

An actual palace itself as your pre-wedding shoot location? There’s nothing more regal than that. It’s no wonder that this spot is a crowd favorite when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. It’s got majestic views from every angle, extravagant gardens, and an actual ballroom where you can waltz with your loved one for those perfect candid moments.

7. Ulsoor Lake

One of the oldest and largest lakes in the city, this man-made beauty had a long green promenade that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your photos. At night too, the lake and the surrounding area are lit up providing a beautiful vision.

8. Commercial Street

Want something out of the ordinary? Commercial Street is synonymous with Bangalore and what better way to capture your love for each other and the city in its famous lanes? From ultra-chic spots to vintage houses and their constant hustle and bustle, this pre-wedding shoot location is totally out of the box.

9. The Tamarind Tree

For a more culturally rich and traditional vibe, Tamarind Tree offers a rustic set-up with its vintage backdrops, tranquil pond, and vibrant courtyards. Whether you decide to dress up or down, this spot will beautifully complement your style. And you bet those images are going to look amazing.

10. Jade 735

Jade 735 is perfect for the chic & modern millennial couple. Luxury boutique villas and chalets with a beautiful pool will instantly elevate your pictures. The spot is also known its gorgeous night lighting that set’s the tone for a romantic shoot.

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