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10 Practical Tips for Making a Great Travel Video

Travel videos are created when you take a trip and want to share your experience with everyone. These videos convince and inspire your viewers to visit the places to have an equally enjoyable vacation. A great travel video can be anything, a vlog where you describe the site’s features or a video collage of various places to visit.

With the right video maker, you can easily create great travel videos in no time. The following blog articulates the top 10 practical tips to help you make great travel videos.

Here are the top 10 practical tips that will help you to make amazing travel videos:

Watch a lot of travel videos

To be an expert in any form of creation, you need to invest enough time in learning the process. Similar is the case with travel videos. If you want to make mesmerizing travel videos, you need to watch many travel videos to master the art of making them.

Watching a lot of travel videos will give you exposure to what other creators are doing, how they are making the videos, what videography techniques they are using, and so on. This holistic learning process will help you in planning your content and deciding the things you want to include that will differ from other creators.

Watch tutorials to learn more about the video-making tools and videography

To make a great travel video using video-making tools, you need to know the intricate details about their features and uses. Therefore, you need to watch video editing tutorials to make the best use of your chosen video maker and online video editor.

Moreover, you need to know all about videography to make good videos. There are many tutorials available online that will help you master the art of videography.

Invest in a good quality camera and other recording accessories

If you are serious about making great travel videos, having a good set of cameras and other recording accessories is a must. Here are some of the gears you will need for recording an amazing travel video:

  • Monopods
  • Tripods
  • Memory card
  • Mic booms
  • Lights and reflectors
  • ND filters
  • Audio recorders
  • Cleaning kits
  • External hard drives, although optional

Keep your camera setting ready

Before starting on your journey, keep your camera set ready so that you can capture every moment of your trip. This will give you enough time to check everything before starting the recording. 

You can experiment with the setting and see what works best for you while producing an enchanting travel video. Hence, invest a good amount of time for having a smooth and satisfactory travel video recording while you are on the trip.

Choose the right video making tools

Selecting the right video-making tools is crucial for making great travel videos. You need to choose the right video maker that caters to your requirements and is within your budget. It must be compatible with the PC you have. Thus, for making enticing travel videos, you need to ensure that your RAM has a minimum capacity of 4-8 GB. To make the editing process easier, you must have access to a fast Internet connection.

Tell a story

Storytelling is the most vital part of a travel video, telling a story. When you are capturing your shots, you are not only telling people about the place but weaving a story that will drive your viewers to visit the place.

It may be challenging at first but all you need to do is put your creative self to work. Telling a story will make your videos innovative and more engaging for the audiences. It will help you to connect with them. Therefore, you must craft a story for your audience.

Make your videos as informative as possible

When one watches a travel video, they are mainly looking for information before planning their next vacation. Therefore, you need to provide authentic information to the audience. This will make them visit your channel frequently and recommend your videos to others.

Make more videos about the place that you are visiting and ensure your experience doesn’t dominate the information that you are covering in your videos.

Have a moderate length for the videos

Your travel videos must not be too long or too short. If your videos are too long, they might be boring for the viewers after some time, and if it is too short, then your travel videos will not have enough impact on the viewers.

Having an ideal length of 2-5 minutes is best. You can share the travel video in two or three parts for better reach. That way, your audience will be hooked to your content.

Include the locals in your video

When you provide information about a particular place, make sure you try to incorporate the entire essence of the place in your video. It becomes easy when you include the locals in the videos. It will help the audiences connect more with the location and plan their vacations accordingly.

Export and share the video accurately

Exporting and sharing the videos appropriately on various digital platforms is important. After editing your video on an online video editor of your choice, you can directly share it with your viewers on different platforms. Add a strong CTA at the end and use a catchy thumbnail to attract viewers for better engagement.


Overall, making a great travel video is all about utilising your videography skills and creativity. If you implement these ten practical tips, you will make mesmerising travel videos in no time. 

You need to ensure that you are using the right video editor and having fun on your trip. Be creative and tell a story through your travel videos that radiate joy and happiness.

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