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10 Inspiring Reasons to Visit the Baltic Countries

If the idea of visiting the Baltic countries has been on your mind for quite some time now, you should definitely go ahead and make the trip. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania each have their own unique brand of travel treasures to offer, and here are 10 reasons that should convince you to explore each one to the fullest.Ten best reasons why everyone should Visit the Baltic Countries in the upcoming year.Check out this fun list of Visit the Baltic Countries

Visit the Baltic Countries
House of the Blackheads in Riga, Latvia

Inspiration to Visit the Baltic Countries

1. Participate in some of the best music festivals you’ll ever go to in your life. Many people are surprised to find out that Baltic people are generally die hard music lovers and translate that love into unforgettable music festivals. Annual festivals happen in this region, particularly Loftas Fest, an ultra-hip music festival in the capital of Lithuania.

2. Take part in the trends of the region’s multiple hip neighborhood. The cool crowd has got the Baltic countries on the radar for those IG-worthy locations such as the bohemian-themed Miera lela quarter in Riga, which is considered by a top hipster destination for Europeans. Another must-see is the Uzupis neighborhood in Vilnius, if you’re yearning for some offbeat vibes complete with its own wit-filled constitution.

3. Come to terms with your KGB fascination. Because the Baltic countries were included in the Soviet Union for 47 years, it’s a fitting place to come face to face with everything that is KGB-related. Your curiosity for this can be satisfied with a visit to the KGB Corner House in Latvia, as well as a sobering solemnity with a trip to the Museum of Genocide Victims in Lithuania.

Visit the Baltic Countries
Aerial view over Old town with Church of St Casimir and Three Crosses on the Bleak Hill at sunset, Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic states.

4. Marvel at 100,000 crosses and the story behind them. The Hill of the Crosses in Siauliai, Lithuania, is where you cast your eyes at more than 100,000 crosses, but it’s not just their sheer number that you’ll find interesting. It’s in the story of devotion that’s behind them. On this famous battle site, soldiers’ families built these crosses which the government tried to dismantle in vain during the time of the Soviet occupation. The result was that people all the more decided to keep adding crosses to the point that no one knows the exact number at present.

5. Tick a UNESCO World Heritage Site off your list with a visit to the Old Town in Tallinn. In addition, you can add to your list of things to do in Tallinn by visiting Make sure you visit the Old Town for all the history it has to offer. It gives you a look as far back as the 13th century when the invading Danes started to build one of this region’s most important hubs for trade and commerce.

Visit the Baltic Countries
Tallinn, Estonia old city skyline at dawn.

6. Live like the noble did in the manors of Estonia and Latvia. These two countries are must-visit places for sprawling manors that were turned into luxury hotels – a far cry from what you are probably used to. Properties such as Muhu Island’s Padaste Manor and Spa and Kau Manor date as far back as the 14th It is a wonderful experience to be at the intersection of indulgence of both the past and the present.

7. Have a tour of a palace with medieval roots. What was once a royal bastion that then became a school and then military barracks is Rundale Palace in Latvia, designed by the famed architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. It’s a popular tourist attraction that is picturesque in its own right, with its ornate design and lush gardens that you will definitely want to take multiple photos of.

8. Satisfy your inner art aficionado. One of the best evidences of prosperity is Art Nouveau, and the Riga Art Nouveau Museum in Latvia houses some of the finest work of this period. Everything that was vogue in the 19th to 20th centuries are yours for viewing here, with the bonus of seeing amazing architectural styles on Alberta Lela, where the museum is situated.

Visit the Baltic Countries
Christmas Fair and Christmas tree on the Town Hall Square. Tallinn. Estonia.

9. Grab the chance to go island-hopping. Estonia’s 2,222 islands are impressive in itself, and a few of them are worth the visit for some unique excursion experiences. You will never know what each small island will offer – from colorful folklore to gorgeous pocket beaches, it’s guaranteed to be a nature lover’s dream experience.

10. Go on a once in lifetime ride in a hot air balloon. Vilnius will make all your hot air balloon riding dreams come true, as the Lithuanian capital is one of the few European cities that allow it. So if you are ever in the Baltic region, it’s something you shouldn’t pass up on!

The Baltic countries indeed hold a special kind of experience for any traveler, so it’s a worthy trip to make once you know what each country has to offer. Read more about the Baltic Countries here.

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