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Creative writing is all about fresh ideas. However, there are some apps that can help you enhance your work. They can assist you in brainstorming, editing, and writing more efficiently. Creative writing is all about fresh ideas.However, writing apps that can help you enhance your work here is a list of some of the best.

Writing Apps

Top Writing Apps with Free Versions


It’s the number one app for all the copywriters, journalists, and essayists. It has many options allowing you to find all the grammar, punctuation, and semantic errors. Just paste the text into Grammarly, and it will detect and highlight all the mistakes. Moreover, it is very convenient. You can get the Grammarly Keyboard app for your phone or download it as a Chrome plugin, which allows checking mistakes in Google Docs. 

Hemingway App 

Hemingway app is another must-have for all creative writers. It also corrects grammar, but its primary goal is to make your text more readable. It singles out sentences that may sound awkward or have a complicated structure. It highlights phrases that have simpler alternatives and passive voice structures. Hemingway app also summarizes the number of sentences that are hard to read. Based on all of these, it grades your piece and calculates a readability level, which you can then easily improve. 


It is a note-taking tool, well known all around the world. Evernote is a dinosaur in the world of writing apps. Its popularity caused by the wide range of functions it can offer. Here you can do pretty much all a professional writer or journalist does. You can create notes, add pictures and folders with notes, download and save pages from the internet, make quotes, edit your text, organize all of the material, and more. One of the best features is a synchronization of all information between all of your devices.


It is a powerful plagiarism checker. All you need is to insert your text into the Quetext editor window. Not only will it highlight the parts that were copied but also provide the link to the source. This writing app has advanced natural language processing allowing it to analyze billions of texts on the internet. If there is any plagiarism detected, Quetext will highlight it. This tool is particularly helpful for students who write lots of essays and papers, and need to avoid plagiarism. But often they have so many assignments that getting professional help with essay writing becomes unavoidable.


It is a popular note-taking app with an appealing, minimalist design. You can add tags to your notes and pin them, which will help you find them quickly. You can share your notes with colleagues or friends and even collaborate. 

Cold Turkey Writer

It is probably one of the most useful apps nowadays. Cold Turkey Writer can prevent you from being distracted when writing. This app blocks all the potentially distracting sites on your computer. Say goodbye to Netflix, YouTube, videogames, and all social media websites. After you launch Cold Turkey Writer, you need to set a goal. It can be an amount of time you want to spend writing or a number of words you want to type. The app will unblock all the sites on your computer only after you reach your goal.


Coggle allows you to create mind maps to establish potential relationships between different things, events, characters, etc. It is a great app for screenwriters, copywriters, and everyone who needs to structure a complex story-line. You just draw shapes and connect them with color-code paths. 


FocusWriter creates a distraction-free environment by using a hide-away interface. The program is simple to use and highly customizable. It allows you to change themes, set goals, timers, and alarm. You can even add typewriter sound effects. It also has spell checking, document tabs, and live statistics. Moreover, it is absolutely free and translated into over 20 languages.


This app will be a perfect choice for novel writers. It is supplied with a number of tools that help you organize the long reads. The design of the app is quite minimalistic. Novlr has a “focus mode.” If you turn it on, you can hide the interface to concentrate on one chapter or paragraph of your writing without being distracted. The Novlr editor highlights grammar and punctuation mistakes, which are accompanied by detailed explanations allowing you to learn from your mistakes and avoid them in your writing later on. The app also helps you to make your text more concise. Novlr is a perfect tool to organize your material and structure it properly.


And last but not least. Canva is a great tool that helps to create all kinds of visual content for your blog, site, or social media profile. Canva has a large variety of professionally designed templates that are extremely easy to alter and adjust to your needs. You can create a powerful design in just a few minutes using your phone or computer.

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Last Updated on June 3, 2023

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