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10 Great Reasons To Travel To Tenerife

  1. Mount Teide National Park

The peak of Mount Teide, which is often snow-capped, is Tenerife’s soaring centrepiece, which can be seen from just about anywhere on this island. So much more than the hiking trails and trees, the highest mountain in Spain, along with interesting volcanic rock formations, and unspoiled wilderness that surrounds it, is the biggest National Park in the Canary Islands. To find out more, have a look at Tenerife Forum for more facts about the island.

  1. The Weather

The weather in Tenerife goes by the nickname of the “island of eternal spring” and as its name suggests, the weather is often very moderate throughout. With close to 365 days of sunshine every year, heavenly temperatures, and refreshing winds, you can visit Tenerife at any time for the ideal trip.

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  1. Canary Island Sports

Tenerife may rally behind its basketball and football teams, similar to the other Spanish destinations, but this island has something that is special when compared to mainland Spain, and that is its traditional Canary Island sports. 

With their loyal roots dating back to the ancient Guanche culture of the island, sports such as Canarian staff fighting, shepherd’s leap, and wrestling, are all massively popular and make up a vital part of Tenerife’s culture.

  1. Tenerife’s History

Perhaps the most interesting part about the history of Tenerife is that it’s completely different when compared to other parts of Spain. Rather than the usual stories of the Moors, Romans, and finally, the Christians, the earliest history relating to Tenerife is made of an interesting combination of ancient myths, mysterious legends, and the indigenous Guanche people. 

The “Spanish” part of its history only began around the time of the Spanish conquest in the 15th-century, which resulted in the colonisation of the island, and instant success as a “meeting point” of the America’s, Africa, and Europe.

  1. Tenerife Architecture

With intimate patios and airy balconies decorated with delicate flower pots, Canarian architecture falls into a very different genre. The Canarian architecture over time, filtered in elements of the main architectural trends of Europe, while still maintaining the taste and style of the island. 

The results can be seen in immaculately and pristine conserved historical areas of cities such as La Orotava, La Laguna, and Garachico, where quaint white-washed homes, noble mansions, and elegant churches often leave visitors enchanted.

  1. Tenerife’s Carnival

With the parades, elaborate costumes, tropical music, and slightly chaotic and exciting street parties, the rowdy Carnival in Tenerife, can easily compete with Brazil, when it comes to winning the title for the best Carnival worldwide. 

These festivities kick into gear before Lent (February or March) and keep going for just over 7 days. So grab a costume and a mask and prepare for perhaps the biggest party you have ever attended.

  1. Tenerife Water And Theme Parks

It may be among the most common touristy things to do, but you will really have a fantastic time at Tenerife’s Zoological Theme Park. With amazing recreated animal habitats and jungles, this park boasts the best and biggest of everything, including the largest dolphinarium (in the world), the biggest parrot collection, and a state-of-the-art modern aquarium, along with many other attractions. We suggest checking out “Planet Penguin”, a sub-zero habitat indoors, with massive snow-covered rocks, and crystal-clear water.

  1. Outdoor Adventures

With enormous mountains, endless beaches, pine forests, incredible landscapes, the ocean, and plunging cliffs, the island of Tenerife is basically an open air playground.

Take a trip out on the ocean to view a colony of Pilot Whales, just off the coast, or explore the unknown on one of the scuba-diving adventures, or hike around Mount Teide National Park, enjoy horse-back riding through La Orotava, or go paragliding if you love adrenaline-pumping adventures. 

  1. Visit Tenerife’s Neighbours

While the location of Tenerife is situated off the African coast, which means it is not an ideal way to travel to the mainland destinations of Spain, Tenerife isn’t an island on its own, but rather makes up a part of the seven island archipelago. 

Each of these islands provides a brand new and unique experience, which is easy to access when you use a ferry to hop from one island to the next.

  1. Tenerife’s Beaches

With stunning weather and close to 270 kms of beautiful coastline, Tenerife is any beach lover’s paradise, offering a beach that matches up to any taste. Massive stretches, soft white sands, secluded coves, volcanic black sand, without clothes or with, the list is truly endless. 

  1. Conclusion

The island has so much more to offer and impossible to list fully but I hope the ones above are enough to whet your appetite. See you there.

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