10 Easy Plants for People Who Travel A Lot

As someone who travels a lot, it can be challenging to maintain a lush and green indoor garden. Fear not!

There is a wide variety of low-maintenance plants out there that are perfect for your lifestyle. In this blog post, we will introduce you to ten easy-to-grow plants that can thrive even when you’re on the go.

different types of indoor plants

Understanding Plant Care Basics

Before diving into our list of easy plants, it’s essential to understand some basic principles of plant care.

Most houseplants require sunlight, water, and the appropriate soil mix. Fortunately, many low-maintenance options need less frequent watering or can tolerate varying light conditions, making them perfect choices for busy travelers.

Succulents: The Traveler’s Favorite

One of the best choices for travelers is succulents. These drought-tolerant plants store water in their leaves, making them resilient against long periods without watering. Some popular choices include jade plants, echeverias, and sempervivums.

The whale fin snake plant (Sansevieria masoniana) is another excellent choice with its striking vertical foliage and low water requirements.

Snake Plant: Air-Purifying Champion

Another hardy plant well-suited to busy travelers is the snake plant (Sansevieria). Known for removing harmful toxins from the air, these forgiving plants can withstand low light and infrequent watering – often going weeks without needing any attention at all.

Even famous YouTuber Jenna Marbles has kept a snake plant alive while maintaining her busy schedule!

ZZ Plant: Tolerates Low Light

If your home doesn’t receive much natural light or you’re frequently away from home, the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) could be your new best friend. This attractive tropical plant thrives in a variety of light conditions and requires minimal care.

Its thick stems store water for extended periods allowing you to be away without worrying about its survival.

Pothos: Rapid-Growing Foliage

For those who want a trailing or hanging plant, consider the pothos (Epipremnum aureum). This fast-growing vine can thrive in low light environments and can be easily propagated by simply snipping off a section and placing it in water.

Traveling healthcare professional Rachel has kept her pothos thriving between assignments across the country.

Spider Plant: Adaptable Houseplant

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is another excellent choice for those always on the move. Its striking green and white foliage makes it an attractive addition to any room, while its adaptability to a range of light conditions and minimal watering needs ensures that it will continue to grow even when you’re not around.

Air Plants: Soil-Less Wonders

Looking for something unique? Air plants (Tillandsia) are unlike most other houseplants – they don’t require soil! These versatile plants absorb water and nutrients through their leaves, making them perfect for hanging displays or terrariums.

Tillandsia come in all sizes but are predominantly classed as big air plants as they can grow up to 60cm in length making them one of the biggest in the air plant family.

You will need to mist them regularly with a spray bottle. Their low-maintenance nature and lack of soil makes them travel friendly and easy to look after.

Cast Iron Plant: Shade-Loving Survivor

Withstanding both neglect and shady environments, the cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is aptly named for its resilience. This slow-growing perennial with deep green leaves rarely requires repotting and will forgive you if you forget to water it occasionally.

Wax Plant (Hoya): Minimalist’s Choice

If you appreciate simple yet elegant decor, the wax plant (Hoya) is perfect for you. These low-maintenance plants boast attractive waxy leaves and fragrant flowers when in bloom. They’re ideally suited for hanging baskets, and because they need little watering, they tend to thrive even when you’re out of town.

Aloe Vera: Healing and Hardy

A common household favorite, aloe vera is not only an appealing plant but also serves practical purposes with its natural healing properties. It needs minimal watering and can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions, making it an ideal choice for the busy traveler.

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica): Stately Presence

Adding a touch of elegance to any space, the rubber plant offers impressive height and beautiful glossy leaves without demanding much extra care. Although they love bright light, they can adapt to lower light conditions as well.

Tips for Long-Term Traveling Care

If your travels take you away from home for extended periods, consider investing in self-watering pots or drip irrigation systems for your plants. These devices release water gradually according to the plant’s needs.

Asking neighbors or friends to check on your plants while you’re away is another good option.

Choosing the Right Containers

Selecting the appropriate container will help ensure that your plants remain healthy in your absence. Choose containers with drainage holes that allow excess water to escape and prevent root rot.

Terra-cotta pots are porous, allowing for improved air circulation and making them suitable for plants like succulents that prefer drier environments.

Conclusion: Enjoy Greenery Despite Travels

Having a green thumb doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive with being a regular traveler. With careful selection and some basic knowledge of their care requirements, these low-maintenance plants can endure time apart from their owners while still brightening up homes and purifying the air.

By following this guide and incorporating our recommended choices like the whale fin snake plant, you can create a thriving indoor garden even when you’re always on the move.

Last Updated on October 24, 2023

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