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10 Cities in Europe with Amazing Street Art

Most European cities are full of museums showcasing renowned art pieces that can teach you something new about the history and the culture of the place you’re in. One of the best ways to truly explore a city’s character is by checking out its street art. Here are ten cities in Europe with amazing street art.

Amazing Street Art

However, many of these museums charge an entry fee, and if you’re traveling on a budget, gaining entry may not be an option. 

So, if you want to explore the culture and heritage of a city through art without having to pay a hefty fee, one of the best ways to do so is by checking out street art, which can be found on street corners, in city squares, in alleyways, and more.

So, whether you’re a street art fanatic or just want to snap a picture to upload to Instagram, here are the top ten cities in Europe with amazing street art.

10. Bristol, England – the home of Banksy

Bristol is the home of one of the most well-known street artists in Europe, the elusive and pseudonymous Banksy, so it is no surprise that Bristol is one of the best cities for street art.

Not only can you see some original Bansky pieces in the city, but Bristol now boasts an array of works from various artists such as Conor Harrington, Aryz, Stik, SPzero76, Inkie, El Mac, and Sepr.

9. Łódź, Poland – a recent transformation

The Urban Forms Foundation began a project in 2009 to turn the streets of Łódź into an open-air permanent art gallery, and the results have been spectacular.

Works from street artists like Etam Crew, M-City, Raspazjan, and Mona Tusz have transformed the city’s streets into a fantastically colorful gallery that is sure to brighten your travels through Łódź.

8. Prague, Czech Republic – incredible art pieces

One of the best cities in Europe with amazing street art is the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. A haven of history and culture, the abundance of art that punctuates the streets just adds to the city’s allure.

Some of the city’s must-see pieces are the Lennon Wall in the Old Town and the colorful mural commemorating Bohumil Hrabal on the outer wall of the Palmovka metro station.

7. Ghent, Belgium – check out Graffiti Alley

The vibrant Belgian city of Ghent is full to bursting with incredible street art that gives an insight into life in the city.

One of the best places to check out the street art in Ghent is Graffiti Alley, or Werregarenstraatje, where artists are free to use the walls as their canvas.

6. Paris, France – a cultural hub

We’re sure you know of the abundance of art museums that Paris has to offer, from the Louvre to Musée d’Orsay. However, what you may not know is that the city is also a haven for street art.

One of the best areas for street art in the city is the 13th arrondissement, which utilised street art to revitalise its image from a ‘grey neighbourhood’ to one bursting with colour, life, and art.

5. Barcelona, Spain – an art-lovers paradise

An art haven, you may be familiar with Barcelona’s incredible architecture by Antoni Gaudí. However, Barcelona is also one of the best cities in Europe with amazing street art.

Some of the city’s must-see pieces are the Bostik Murals, the graffiti corner across the street from Parc del Centre del Poblenou, and Hangar.

4. London, England – an art hub

London is an artistic and cultural hub that offers not only an abundance of free museums but also a variety of fantastic street art that colours the city’s streets.

You can explore works from well-known artists such as Banksy, STIK, and Conor Harrington, and some of the best street art in London can be found in Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Hackney.

3. Athens, Greece – from the Greek word graphi

The alternative word for street art, graffiti, derives from the Greek word graphi, so you may not be so surprised to hear that Athens is one of the cities in Europe with amazing street art.

Covering subjects that range from Greek mythology to statements on current social and political issues, the diversity of street art in the Greek capital will leave you feeling inspired.

2. Lisbon, Portugal – the San Francisco of Europe

Known as the San Francisco of Europe, Lisbon in Portugal has a bohemian feel that is suited to the thriving street art culture the city enjoys.

Some of the best places to find street art in the city are Bairro Alto, Chiado, Belém, and the creative LX Factory.

1. Berlin, Germany – the street art capital of Europe

Unlike the other cities on this list, one of the main draws of Germany’s capital city is, in fact, its vast array of beautiful street art.

The city’s street art scene has transformed what was once defined by colorless grey streets into a vibrant, beautiful city full of life and art. 

Encapsulating the city’s history and culture through political motifs and stunning artwork, some of the best spots for street art in the city are Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Lichtenberg.

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