10 Best Things To Do in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of the best cities to visit not only in Australia but in the whole world. There is nothing that you cannot find here. From world-class street art to beautiful cafés and luxurious neighborhoods, you will definitely fall in love with this city since the first moment.Ten Best Things To Do in Melbourne for travelers.Learn all about the top places to visit and things to do in Melbourne, Australia.

Even though you are staying in a 5 stars hotel in Melbourne, you must go out and explore the city. However, if you don’t want to get lost, you can follow our guidelines and discover the best 10 things to do in this area.

Things To Do in Melbourne

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1. Flinders Street Station

This is definitely one of the most iconic spots in Melbourne, right in the central city. Opened in 1854, Flinders was Australia’s first railway station, and it is now the central hub for the city’s train network.

Legends tell that there is a ghost haunting platform 10. He is known as George, although many believe he is the spirit of Ernest Leahy, a man who died tragically in 1902 after a boat accident. Speaking of haunted places in Australia, there is an abandoned ballroom on the station’s upper level, and no one has used it since 1983.

2. St Paul’s Cathedral

Follow Flinders Street and, located diagonally opposite to the station, you cannot miss St Paul’s Cathedral. With its yellow-brown color, it is one of the most characteristic spots in the city. It is also one of the most unique buildings in Australia, built from sandstone and limestone.

3. Queen Victoria Market

Locals call it the “Vic Market” or “Queen Vic”, and it is one of the busiest places in Melbourne. This vast market features several stalls, selling goods of any kind, such as food, souvenirs, clothes and gadgets.

The market was first opened in 1874, and the building is almost intact. This means that you can get the feel of what it was like to shop in the last century. Just remember that the market is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Things To Do in Melbourne

Copyright: Pexels I License: CC0 Public Domain

4. Docklands

If you are in Melbourne’s Central Business District, you cannot miss the Docklands, one of the city’s largest inner suburbs. Here you will find some of the most iconic buildings, such as the Etihad Stadium, the Harbour Town and many entertainment and shopping hubs.

5.    Federation Square

You can take the City Circle tram and reach Federation Square. This is one of the best venues for arts, culture, and it has been Melbourne’s central business district for many years. Besides, here you can do some “people watch”, and just enjoy the sight of the city going by while you have a snack.

6.    Royal Botanic Garden

This is definitely the best spot to relax in the whole city. The Royal Gardens cover 86 acres and features thousands of trees and flowers coming from several areas of the country. When you are ready to go back and explore the city, you can join one of the free guided walks of the gardens.

7. Chinatown

Melbourne’s Chinatown dates back to 1851 when the first prospectors from China arrived in this country. Chinatown offers a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood to enjoy a nice walk around the oldest continuous Chinese settlement in the West.

8. Melbourne Zoo

Australia is were cute koalas and kangaroos live. Nevertheless, you don’t have to leave the city centre to enjoy some wildlife. At the Melbourne Zoo, you can spend a lovely afternoon with your family, and see some elephants, snow leopards, brown bears and, of course, kangaroos.

9. The Melbourne Museum

Ready to dedicate an afternoon to history and arts? The Melbourne Museum offers an exciting overview of the art and textiles from all around the world. There is also a dedicated gallery for children, as well as a discovery centre and an amphitheatre.

10. Como House and Gardens

This is one of the oldest estates in the city, built over 160 years ago. It is a mix of both Italian and Australian architecture, and it offers a glimpse into the privileged lifestyle of the ancient Australian middle class. Get lost in this beautiful mansion to dream of elegant dances, dinners and luxurious events.

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