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UK Travel – 10 Best Pubs in London for Students

Being a student does not mean only studying but also having fun, meeting with friends, and exploring the city. Often, students are required to write essays about their leisure, hobbies, favorite places to visit, and so on. If you are searching for high-quality free essays on different topics connected to spending leisure time in London, this page is exactly for you. For instance, this essay about ten best pubs in London for students can be used both for educational purposes and for generating new ideas of where to go with friends on a Friday evening.There are hundreds of best pubs in London, but there are a few out there that are absolutely amazing, especially if you are a student.

Best Pubs in London

Pubs with Unique Atmosphere or Conception

1. Bavarian Beer house

The Bavarian Beer house is a place where you can dive into the authentic atmosphere of Bavaria with its traditional meals and beer. The bar is particularly suitable for sports socials and for both small and large groups meeting for beer and chat. It is situated in Tower Hill. The pub reflects the atmosphere of typical German pubs. The beer is served in stein glasses, and the staff are dressed in dirndls and lederhosen. What is more, the customers can enjoy traditional German music.

2. Princess Louise

Princess Louise is a Sam Smith pub with special inviting atmosphere situated in Covent Garden. Due to providing guests with comfortable private and semi-private booths, the bar is cozy and suitable for small groups of friends meeting for conversation. It is named after one of the daughters of Queen Victoria, and the interior design of the pub authentically presents the design typical for the time she lived in.

3. The CLF Art Cafe

The pub is situated in Peckham and is one of the centers of the creative arts in London. There, numerous concerts, music and dance events, performances, and soul nights take place. The bar has a special atmosphere as there, different styles and activities are naturally combined in one place. It means that everyone can find there something appealing to his or her liking. For instance, for those not keen on dancing and electronic music, the pub offers special showings of indie films and artistic performances on the rooftop.

Pubs with Tasty Craft Beer

4. BrewDog

This pub offers a wide range of beer on tap that can satisfy any taste. It is not far from Piccadilly and has several floors, each presenting its own atmosphere and vibe. One of the peculiarities of the pub is a craft beer sex line. What is more, Brew Dog offers special booking services for large groups and festive bookings during Christmas holidays.

Best Pubs in London

5. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

While visiting this pub, you can not only enjoy the atmosphere of old London but also try rare tastes of craft beer. For example, the pub has a special organic line of fruit beers. Besides that, it provides a range of Sam Smith beers on tap. The pub is said to be the favorite place of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens. Candles on the tables and dungeon-like rooms create a special atmosphere.

6. The Fitzroy Tavern

The Fitzroy Tavern is a place with delicious organic beer. All the sorts of beer are vegan. In the organic line, there is a broad range of fruit beers with different tastes. Also, the pub offers a special collection of wheat beers and imported brands of beer. The prices are decent as for London prices, and the staff is friendly and highly qualified. For a student, it can be a great place for relax, as the Fitzroy Tavern is small and cozy.

Pubs with Delicious Food

7. The Victoria

It is an authentic pub offering a tasty menu full of traditional British meals. For instance, there, you can find London’s famous Sunday roasts, traditional puddings, and other foods accompanied with tasty beer. Besides, a wide range of home-cooked meals is combined with friendly and helpful service. Reasonable pricing is the key factor that makes the pub so beloved among students.

8. Waterfront Bar & Kitchen

Waterfront is a place that is especially attractive for students because of a great combination of reasonable prices and tasty food and drinks. The main features of this pub are Waterfront burgers and Waterfront curly fries that are recommended personally by the staff. Also, it offers student discounts. The pub has a diverse lunch menu and is famous for its regular evening events.

Best Pubs in London

Pubs with Cheap Prices

9. Lyceum

It is a tiny pub with a particularly cheap beer. Also, its location is especially comfortable for theatergoers. It is unpretentious and at the same time cozy and with special vibes. There, you can not only eat traditional British meals but also taste the beer before choosing in order to find the best one. Even though the pub seems to be away from tourist paths, it is often filled up as it is popular with students.

10. White Post

White Post is hidden in Hackney Wick. At first sight, it seems like some abandoned place; however, the graffiti signifies that this place is an artistic space with its own culture. The pub is famous for featuring DJ’s and music shows. But its main advantage is pricing. In the White Post, you can taste plenty of cheap alcohol drinks including craft beer and cocktails. Also, the pub has a special offer: during happy hours, from Monday to Friday, it offers 50 percent off for all beers and wines.

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