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10 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

No one needs the inspiration to visit France, Spain or Italy. However, Scandinavian countries are not on everybody’s bucket list. Sweden is somewhat of a special interest country but once you visit it we guarantee that you will return home with good stories and an appreciation for the Scandinavian lifestyle. There are many reasons to visit Sweden.Nature and history lovers will find many things to do and the country offers variety of entertainment. 

Visit in Sweden

Sweden has over 200,000 islands and 100.000 lakes so nature lovers will not run out of hiking opportunities, but the country boasts historical interests and plenty of great museums as well. Fine dining, amusement parks and night-life entertainment venues are also worth highlighting. In this article, we are giving you our top 10 suggestions for places to visit in Sweden. Luckily for us, Swedish iGaming expert, Carlos Norberg gave us some tips so we could compile the list easier. You can find out more about Carlos here. 

  1. Drottningholm Palace

The palace of the Swedish royal family should be the first thing on your to-see list in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The palace is situated on the tranquil island of Lovö only a short boat ride away from the city centre. You can check out several of the palace’s rooms and wander around in the surrounding park. 

  1. Cosmopol Casino

Sweden only has 4 brick and mortar casinos and all belong to the same group: Cosmopol. It is recommended to visit the casino in Stockholm even if you are not a gambler as it is set in an incredibly beautiful old cinema building. It has three gaming floors and you can play games like roulette, blackjack, poker and slots. They have a smart-casual dress code so come prepared. 

In Stockholm, you can’t visit a hotel with a casino so if you prefer playing games from the comfort of your hotel room, you can choose one from our selection of casinon online and play any casino game you like. You might need a VPN to access your casino from abroad so download one to your computer before you leave home. 

  1. Vasa Museum

The Vasa museum is a maritime museum that is home to the 17th-century warship that sank in 1628. The ship was lifted out of the water more than three hundred years after it sank and is now on display at the museum together with lots of exhibitions where you can learn about the sailors’ life onboard.

  1. Skansen

Skansen is the world’s first open-air museum that gave inspiration to other countries to follow the practice. In the Skansen, in Stockholm, you can see examples of houses and farmsteads of every major area of Sweden so you can easily discover the history and customs of different people. You can take a guided tour or wander around on your own – it is up to you. 

  1. Visby, Gotland

History buffs will be happy to visit yet another historical town. Visby is a well-preserved town with a medieval fortification and surrounded by a defensive wall. The town has many churches, including the centuries-old St. Mary’s Cathedral. Visby is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that hosts the biggest medieval festival in northern Europe every summer. You can fly there from Stockholm, Malmo or Gothenburg or take a ferry from Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn or Västervik. 

  1. Liseberg Theme Park

If you are after some lighthearted entertainment in Gothenburg and your visit falls on one of the summer months, you should definitely spend half a day at the Liseberg Theme Park. The park is not only fun for children, but adults will love its thrilling roller coasters and bumper car rides too. Take the big wheel for the best views over Gothenburg!

  1. Änggårdsbergen

When in Gothenburg, nature lovers should definitely visit Änggårdsbergen. Within a few minutes walk from the city you will find yourself in serene nature where walking and cycling paths are endless. The nature reserve of Änggårdsbergen is connected to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden which is in fact, one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe. The garden itself is 40 hectares in size and there are 16,000 different species of plants to be observed. 

  1. Ice hotel in Kiruna

The Ice Hotel is located in the northern part of Sweden and it is made entirely of ice! You can, naturally, only stay here during the winter. Every year the hotel is completely rebuilt using enormous ice blocks carved out from the frozen river. All the furniture is made of ice too, even the chandelier! Reindeer skin is laid on beds to make the experience more comfortable and less chilly. If you are lucky you will be able to observe Aurora Borealis – the northern lights. 

  1. Store Mosse National Park

The Store Mosse National Park is situated in the southern part of the country. It is the largest bog outside of Lapland so if you don’t have a chance to visit the north this is your chance to discover bog country! You will find over 40 kilometres of walking paths, making it the perfect hiking destination of southern Sweden. 

  1. Abisko National Park

If it is nature that drove you to Sweden, you should visit Lapland. Abisko National Park is the northernmost part of the country and it is 77 square kilometres in size. In the summer there are endless trekking opportunities, while in the winter you can try husky sledding!


There are many reasons to visit Sweden. Both nature and history lovers will find plenty of things to do and the country offers a wide variety of day and night-time entertainment as well. 

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