10 Best places to visit in Cyprus

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1. Ayia Napa

With its beach parties and nightlife, Ayia Napa is the perfect place for a fun-filled holiday. There are plenty of attractions, from the cobbled streets of the old town to the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The is also known for its lively clubs and bars, which offer a great way to spend a night out. There are plenty of water sports to enjoy, from jet skiing to parasailing, and plenty of cultural attractions as well, such as the Ayia Napa Monastery.

2. Troodos Mountains

With its pine-covered peaks and breathtaking views, these mountains are a must-see for any nature lover. The Troodos mountain range is the highest in Cyprus, and is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse flora and fauna in the country. There are many hiking trails and outdoor activities to explore, as well as some of the oldest churches and monasteries in the world. Visitors can also take advantage of the local ski resorts in the winter months and explore the picturesque villages and towns in the area.

3. Larnaca

The city of Larnaca offers a mix of culture and history, with attractions like the Larnaca Salt Lake and the ancient Kition archaeological site. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes to explore and plenty of shopping opportunities at the nearby Larnaca Marina Shopping Centre. For a more historical experience, visitors can take a walk through the city’s old town or visit the Church of St. Lazarus and the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque. Larnaca is also home to some of the best beaches in Cyprus, such as Finikoudes Beach, Mackenzie Beach, and Foinikoudes Beach.

4. Paphos

Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Paphos is home to stunning beaches and the stunning Paphos Castle. The area is also home to some of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, such as the Tombs of the Kings, the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, and the Ancient Odeon. Paphos is an ideal spot for a family vacation, with plenty of activities for both adults and children alike. From the vibrant nightlife to the abundance of ancient ruins and houses for sale in Paphos, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city.

5. Limassol

Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus and is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, shopping, and dining. The city is also home to one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean and is also known for its long history and archaeological sites. There are many tourist attractions, including the Limassol Castle, the Old Town, and the Limassol Zoo. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water sports and activities, or simply relax and take in the beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere.

6. Nicosia

This is the only divided capital in the world, with the Green Line separating the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides. It is located in the center of the island of Cyprus, and is the capital of both the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

7. Agia Napa Monastery

This monastery is a popular tourist destination, dating back to the 16th century. It is situated in the beautiful town of Agia Napa in Cyprus. The monastery is an important religious and historical site and is surrounded by a large wall and a majestic gate. Inside the monastery, one can find exquisite frescoes, icons, and mosaics, which reflect the rich history of the area. The grounds of the monastery are also home to a variety of plants and animals, making it a great place to explore and appreciate nature.

8. Kyrenia

This picturesque city offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Kyrenia Mountains. The city is filled with charming cobbled streets, old churches, and traditional Turkish architecture. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the waterfront, take a boat trip to explore the nearby islands, or visit the impressive Kyrenia Castle. The city also has a number of excellent restaurants, bars, and cafes offering delicious local and international cuisine.

9. Akamas Peninsula

This rugged region is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. The large Akamas Peninsula is located in the northwest corner of the island and is a nature reserve of great importance. The area is home to rare species of flora and fauna as well as archaeological ruins and a variety of landscapes. It’s a great destination for hiking, swimming and bird watching. The peninsula is also known for its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

10. St. Hilarion Castle

Located in the Kyrenia Mountains, this castle is a must-see for anyone interested in history and architecture. Built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in the 4th century, St. Hilarion Castle is the oldest of the three castles in the area. The castle includes a large courtyard, towers, and walls, as well as a chapel and various other buildings. The castle’s picturesque setting is especially beautiful on a sunny day.

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