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10 Best Luggage Packing Tips for Your Next Trip

The worst things about going on a trip (if there is a bad thing at all) are probably the prospect and process of packing. A lot of us wish that packing didn’t have to be as time taking as it usually is. Some of us may even wish we have the superior ability to forego the process of packing and still have whatever we need when we reach the destination. Although that’s not a possibility yet, here are some tips that will help you get through packing with as little effort and tears as possible. Top tips for optimizing space in your luggage and for not taking too much with you.Take a look at my luggage packing tips.

Luggage Packing Tips

Roll Instead of Folding 

Rolling your clothes tightly lets you stuff a lot more clothing into your bag than folding does. They tend to take up less space if rolled rather than folded. Plus, your clothes are better protected from wrinkles if rolled. 

Make A List 

Writing down a list of the things you need to carry is helpful, especially when you need to pack last minute. It is difficult to remember everything you need to carry from memory, so a written list will help you pack everything you need to without forgetting. 

Do Not Over pack

Over packing will, first of all, leave you with unorganized luggage that you have to fish through to get what you really need. Plus, you will have to pay for the extra weight at the airport. Pick luggage that is durable as well as light enough for you to carry. You can choose which one is best by looking at reviews here on this website. 

Wash Your Clothes and Reuse 

Rather than packing several sets of clothes and making your bag heavier than it needs to be, carry a travel pack of detergent to wash your clothes, or find a hotel with a (preferably free) laundry service. 

Check for Stains 

Make sure the clothes you pack are properly washed and free of stains so that you don’t get a nasty shock when you take them out during your trip. Wrap your shoes in a plastic bag or something similar don’t get dirt on your clothes. 

Fill Up Tiny Spaces 

As much as possible, try to fill up any dead space in between stacks of clothes or other things. Try to put socks, stockings or any other items that are either small enough or easy to fold into small sizes. 

Organize Your Belongings 

As far as possible, try to put different things in separate sections of your bag or suitcase. Use Ziploc bags to store things like chargers or other small gadgets, or for minor food items. This will make it easier for you to find the things you need. 

Download Reading Material 

Whether it’s a novel, a travel guide or a biography of your idol, it’s best if you have a downloaded copy of your books on a phone, tablet or other reading device (like a Kindle) so that you don’t have to worry about extra bag weight or lack of WiFi. 

Distribute Items Among Many Bags, If in a Group 

If you’re traveling as part of a group, it might be a good idea to pack your stuff in two different bags along with a friend’s, so that even if one bag gets lost, you still have half your stuff to go on in another. 

Stay Inconspicuous 

If you’re carrying valuables, try your best to keep them in places where they’re not easily found. If your bags have the extra hidden pockets, by all means, use them. Otherwise, try hiding them in empty opaque water bottles or tubes with a large opening. Try not to carry too much cash and use cards instead. Flashing your belongings may tempt a nearby pickpocket or an official with sticky fingers. 

These ten tips will ensure that you have a safe and convenient holiday. If you’re going somewhere other than home, try to travel in groups so that someone has your back at all times. Besides, it’s a lot more fun that way.

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