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10 Beautiful Travel Destinations in Asia You Need to Visit

Do you want to go to Asia but aren’t sure what you should see? Click here to learn about 10 beautiful travel destinations in Asia you need to visit.Asia, particularly countries located in South East Asia, represent the world’s fastest growing tourist industry.Information about ten of the best places to visit while traveling in Asia.In this article you will find travel destinations in Asia.


Travel Destinations in Asia

Because from the incredible temples of Angkor Wat to the breathtaking mountains of Ha Long Bay, there is no shortage of gorgeous sites to be seen in Asian countries. And on top of the staggering beauty Asia has to offer, costs involved with visiting many of its countries are unbelievably low.

If you’re not quite sold yet on the idea of making travel destinations in Asia the host of your next vacation, below are 10 of my favorite places in Asia to visit for some added inspiration!

1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Are you looking to explore South East Asia Tomb Raider style? If so, you can tour many of the temples featured in the Angelia Jolie version of the movie by visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Siem Reap plays host to the historic temples of Angkor Wat which is where one of the oldest civilizations in Asia existed.

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In stark contrast to the green jungles of Siem Reap are the concrete jungles of Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital city and the area offers no shortage of things to do for a budding adventurer.

Get your culture fix by checking out one of the city’s many museums, get up close and personal with the famous Petronas Twin Towers, or stuff your face with Indian-inspired spicy foods the family will love!

3. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

No trip to Vietnam (or Asia) is complete without taking a boat and floating along beautiful Ha Long Bay. While Ha Long City (the city that grants access to the bay) isn’t worth spending more than an afternoon in, you could spend days out on the water, admiring breathtaking islands.

Also of note in the Ha Long Bay area are the famous floating villages.

4. Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is one of the 7 modern wonders of the world. Construction was finished on the hall in 1648 and it has been considered one of the most treasured sites among the Muslim community ever since.

Fun Fact: The hall was built to look exactly the same no matter which side you look at it from!

5. Mumbai, India

If you’re looking for delicious food, excellent shopping, low prices, and incredible people, add Mumbai to your list of travel destinations in Asia. Mumbai often gets dismissed because of its urban feel and crowds.

While both of those critiques are true, if you can handle a little bit of vivaciousness, the city offers incredible cultural value to any tourists willing to give it a chance.

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Mumbai, read more now!

6. Chang Mai, Thailand

Tucked away in the northern-nethers of Thailand is the historical city of Chang Mai. Chang Mai is popular among tourists looking to be surrounded by natural beauty while also being just a stone’s throw away from a virtually unlimited amount of things to do.

Hang out with elephants, get up close and personal with tigers or enjoy outstanding trekking by making this one of your musts on your travel destinations in Asia list!

7. Penang, Malaysia

Penang is perhaps one of the most livable cities in all of Asia. The community is incredibly well laid out, well connected by transit, has excellent malls, movie theaters, and more!

Oh… and did I mention that this place has some of the best street food on the planet? Well, it does.

To have an outstanding time eating your way through long evenings or to just be in a place that doesn’t feel so foreign that it comes off as uncomfortable, Penang, Malaysia is certainly a place worth considering!

8. Singapore

Call Singapore an island, a country, a city… Call it whatever you want, just don’t call it anything less than incredible!

While Singapore has gotten a reputation for being prohibitively expensive, we’re here to tell you that there are a number of things to do in the country on a budget. For free fun, walk around Singapore’s famed harbor area, it’s incredible high-end malls or enjoy free water shows that take place at the Marina Bay Sands.

9. The Islands of Thailand

The Islands of Thailand offer tourists incredible beaches and island experiences at a price that’s unbelievable. Whether you opt for lounging about the small island of Koh Phi Phi or opt to spend your days on the more metropolitan big Island of Phuket, there’s no shortage of fun to be had!

On Kho Phi Phi, try renting out a Kayak and paddling over to the famous, “Monkey Beach” for the possibility of getting up close and personal with furry friends. On Phuket, be sure to check out the incredible night market for delicious food and excellent shopping.

10. Tokyo, Japan

Rounding out our travel destinations in Asia list is the city of neon lights, Tokyo, Japan.

This city seems taken straight from the future and is one of the biggest exporters of culture in the world! When you step foot into it, you’re immediately taken aback by how many people there are and how well everything functions despite that fact.

Japanese people have organization and streamlining processes down to an art. So for impeccably curated cultural and entertainment experiences, dive into Tokyo!

Wrapping Up Beautiful Travel Destinations in Asia

If you’re wondering where you should spend your next vacation, we recommend you pick Asia. If you do, we further recommend checking out any of the travel destinations in Asia we’ve mentioned above.

Each one of them is bound to take your breath away and many of them will do it for inexplicably low costs.

Want more of the best tips and tricks when it comes to world travel? If so, check out more of my recommendations on how you can get the most out of your adventures by diving deeper into our pool of resources today!

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