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Backpacking Essentials You Probably Won’t Have Thought Of

Backpacking is an adventure that travellers from around the world enjoy. It’s an ideal way to travel on a budget and see and experience sights, sounds, and people that you otherwise would have missed. But staying fresh and clean while … Continue reading

Travel Safety Tips – Using the Internet Safely Whilst Abroad

Postcard and phone calls back home are no longer the preferred ways for travellers and holiday goers to communicate. The internet age has opened up whole new channels and internet cafes are now often readily available in the most unlikely … Continue reading

How to Have a Cheap Family Holiday

To be able to travel together as a family is incredibly important. It is these shared experiences that create those memories that you will treasure for ever – the good times, the sights seen, the foods eaten, and even the … Continue reading

Plan a Vacation – 6 Steps For a Perfect One

Vacations tend to be the best part of the year for people. Everyone wants to go on a well planned vacation, but with all of the options and factors to be considered it can get really hard to successfully plan … Continue reading

The Perfect End to a Family Luxury South Africa Safari – Kwa Zulu Natal Coast

The Kwa Zulu Natal coastline is the perfect place to take the family after a

Travel Gear – 7 Devices for the World Traveler

Many people think that in order to travel the world you need to sacrifice all of the comforts of home living. With modern technology, nothing is further from the truth. There are many devices designed with the traveler in mind, … Continue reading

Boston Areas Worth Exploring: Historic Cambridge Massachusetts

Just across the Charles River Basin from Boston itself, Cambridge Massachusetts is a beautiful, historic city which Boston travelers should not make the mistake of overlooking. Because of its close proximity to Boston, finding a Cambridge hotel central to many … Continue reading

Things to Do in Louisville – Going Beyond Baseball Bats and Derbies

Louisville, Kentucky, is famous for its annual Kentucky Derby, smooth bourbon, and baseball bats. But once you’ve toured the Louisville Slugger Museum, worked on your hangover, and seen the prices for the Derby, you might be looking for something more. Things … Continue reading

ATV Tour – Me and My Best ATV day Ever!

That title sounds like something you’d read in a friend’s Facebook post as a caption for an awesome photo or video, doesn’t it? Well, it is actually, or will be soon, thanks to Kolpin Powersports. On Friday, August 15, 2014, … Continue reading

Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Arizona Resorts

When thinking of a vacation in Arizona, the first thing that strikes the mind is a chain of luxury hotels, outdoor camping, RV campgrounds, hiking and many more. You can make this wonderland one of your favorite destinations by enjoying … Continue reading

Celebrity Home Tours Around the World

Celebrities around the world are worshipped by the ‘average people’ whether it is for their talent, their fame, their looks or in some cases, their money. As a general population we are intrigued by the lives of the rich and … Continue reading

Travel in Style – Stay Looking Good on a Long Trip

Travelling is just about the most exciting thing you could do with your spare time, but do you sometimes feel that you end up looking rather rough and ragged? Long family trips can be especially difficult in this respect. The … Continue reading

Best Holiday Destinations – 4 Underrated U.S. Cities Worth Seeing

Okay, not every state has Disneyland, but that’s a good thing. Not every vacation you plan has to be theme-park-driven. We’ve put together a list of several alternatives that have so much to see, do, and appreciate. Though somewhat underrated, … Continue reading

School and Family Events – Reasons to Use VolunteerSpot to Organize Them

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by snack duty and more. One of its coolest features is that it sends you reminders. I love this because I don’t have to go crazy trying to figure something out at the last minute because … Continue reading

5 Things to Do in London

Traveling to London, whether it is with kids, with friends, a partner or alone is always a blast! There is a never ending amount of hotels. With the crazy variety available you will find one that fits your needs perfectly. … Continue reading

Travel Credit Card – Working with One Matter Where You Are

From what I have learned a few of the main reasons why people choose long time travel or settling on a new country is because they want to – leave the monotony of their life, find what they want to … Continue reading

Copenhagen Travel – Fun Facts

Copenhagen is a fascinating place – for instance, did you know that it is one of the top cycling cities in the world with over 340 km of cycle lanes? This urban area is about 30 per cent of the … Continue reading

Travel Card – Mom’s Favorite Card And What Makes it Standout

The latest Amex credit card offers encompass a wide range of cutting edge credit card concepts with special benefits in order to suit the lifestyle needs of today’s moms. Air travel, shopping and financial rewards along with 24 hour per … Continue reading

Road Trip in Australia – From Sydney to Melbourne

There are many ways to get from Sydney to Melbourne there are planes, buses and trains but the best option definitely has to be by car. It allows you to get amazing views and fun adventures through most of the … Continue reading

Travel Safety – 6 Ways to Protect Yourself While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling around the nearest big city to your home or are planning an extensive getaway abroad, one of the paramount concerns for most travelers is security. Opportunistic thieves no longer need to physically steal your belongings to wreak … Continue reading

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