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My Favorite Ways To Get Around When I’m Traveling With The Kids

I’m very lucky to have kids that are as passionate about travel as I am. All our adventures are such valuable life experiences. They see things that most people don’t experience through their whole life. I think it’s so important … Continue reading

8 Amazing Log Cabin Holiday Destinations in England

Choosing where to go on holiday doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Whether you’re staying local or coming from somewhere else, choosing a log cabin holiday will connect you with nature and will humble you with the stillness of … Continue reading

Travelling With a Small Child – Sharing is Caring

    Travelling with small children can cause panic attacks: from planning the trips in concordance with the feeds and the sleeping hours, to carrying out the necessary amount of equipment – the bottles, the blankets, the seats, the clothes, … Continue reading

The Road Ahead: How to Pack for Adventure Travel 

Whether you’re planning a month-long tour of Europe by bike or considering a thru-hike of the 2,000 miles Appalachian Trail, you’ll assuredly be packing and preparing for a diverse set of terrains and weather conditions. Without a doubt, the hardest … Continue reading

The Wonderful Coves of the Datca Peninsula

The Datca Peninsula is in the extreme south west of Turkey. Cruise captains start to turn towards the north from its westerly tip but not before passengers have enjoyed the beautiful bays and coves on the south coast of the … Continue reading

5 of Spain’s Most Essential Museums

Spain is home to some of the best art museums in Europe and what a better way to get a taste of Spanish art than visiting its birthplace! Before you book for your , take a look at our guide … Continue reading

Visiting the Top 4 Superyachts in the Ocean Today

Superyachts are increasingly offering charters for those who are interested in taking a trip in the ultimate lap of luxury. These expensive vehicles are outfitted with every possible amenity. They’re often more plush than most people’s homes. Charter voyages and … Continue reading

Braving the Rapids: Whitewater Rafting Trip Advice for Adventurers

Whitewater, the term used for the raging foamy waters of rivers high up in the mountains or in certain places close to dams, is self-descriptive — you almost know what it means without looking it up. If you like the … Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Europe?

The internet is full of fun quizzes and games to keep you occupied during busy times when you should really be concentrating on something else. Luckily, there are several that have a slightly educational slant, so at least you can … Continue reading

Family Fun in the Austin Sun: Why FlightHub Thinks You Should Plan Your Next Family Vacation in Austin!

Whether you’re looking for food, entertainment or music, Austin has family fun for all! FlightHub Review has compiled the ultimate family-vacation guide to touring Austin, Texas. Photo by: Stuart Seeger See the street art In a city that openly welcomes … Continue reading

Canada’s Best Winter Festivals According to FlightHub

Has the cold weather got you down? Are you counting down the days until spring arrives? Does the thought of you sitting at home again make your eyes twitch? Then fear not, FlightHub brings you a full proof method on … Continue reading

4 Funny and Incorrect Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away from You

Mosquitoes are really annoying, and they can also carry diseases, especially if you reside in certain parts of the globe where diseases like malaria and West Nile virus are prevalent. So it’s no wonder that there are many tactics that … Continue reading

Top 7 Ways to Maximise your Time in any City

In the perfect world, travel is a luxurious experience and one where you can leisurely wander from one destination to another, taking your time to soak up the culture in each place that you visit. In reality, however, travel is … Continue reading

6 Steps for Traveling with One Bag

With all the size and weight restrictions airlines impose today, it’s more important than ever to learn the art of traveling with one bag unless you want to pay steep fees. Even if you chronically overpack, there are some simple tips … Continue reading

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling – All About Malaria

Before I got married and had kids I did a lot of traveling. The one thing I know, there is always a chance your health can get compromised while abroad. That’s why as soon as I had a family I got concerned … Continue reading

Top Tips for Long Family Road Trips

If you’re thinking of taking a long family road trip, you’ll have to plan much more than the route you’re going to take – a car full of children also requires a full itinerary of entertainment to keep the journey … Continue reading

Chow For Now: Good Eats in the Big Apple

Although it may not seem that way at first glance, New York City is steeped in tradition. As a city, it’s a fusion of different cultures coming together to create the unique aura that defines the Big Apple. Chief amongst … Continue reading

3 Ultimate Ways To Watch The Northern Lights

The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis is a magical natural phenomenon that thousands of people make a trip to see each year. You need to see it to truly believe in it’s undeniable beauty. With so many locations to see … Continue reading

How to Save Money When Traveling Overseas

Everybody wants to travel abroad. Whether your dream is to explore the rainforests of South America, trek through remote regions of Asia or backpack through Europe one aspect of international travel is universal: it is incredibly expensive. From getting to … Continue reading

Balsamo Coast to Suchitoto the Unknown Secret of El Salvador

El Salvador is one of the tiniest Central American countries. But don’t let its size fool you! Within such a small territory it has tons of things to offer to its visitors like beaches, jungles, volcanoes, lakes and colonial towns. Also, because … Continue reading

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