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Ways to Earn an Income While You Travel Around the World

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai Traveling abroad to different countries can be an exciting adventure, an opportunity for personal growth and development, as well as an occasion to experience how the different global … Continue reading

5 Tips for Traveling with Cats (#3 You Need to Know)

Photo credit: Taking your cat to the vet is such a difficult job in itself. Imagine doing the same thing for a long road trip, right? There’s no denying that cats loathe car rides. But with appropriate equipment and … Continue reading

Travel Blogging from Home – Digital Nomad Lifestyle Tips

Travel blogging from home offers one the freedom to travel the world and relive the adventures of your life and capture the beautiful memories in your Facebook or Instagram feeds. It sure feels exciting to share your escapades with your … Continue reading

7 Reasons to Travel Solo at Least Once in Your Life

All our school and college lives we spend so much time planning those trips with our friends which never really happened. It is bliss to travel with your buddies your family and the love of your life. But, thinking of … Continue reading

Travel Gear – How to Use a Gaming Laptop During International Travel Even for the First Time

Photo credit: There might be times when your work or vacation takes you to different parts of the globe. This mainly applies to freelancers or writers who attend events all over the world. Continuous trips can be quite a … Continue reading

Packing Tips – What Not to Pack When You’re Going Off to College

College is a step toward adulthood and independence. Naturally, there are many things to be nervous about when you off to college, and being well prepared for this feat should not be one of them. However, there is such a … Continue reading

Three Romantic Things to Do on Vacation

If you and your special someone are going on vacation this year, you should plan some romantic things to do together. While lounging by the pool and spending some time alone is a good idea, there are many other things … Continue reading

Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Golf (You Need to Know This!)

Photo credit: If you’re regular golfer, then you know how a round of golf can be both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Now we all are aware of the fact that golf is not one of the physically demanding … Continue reading

Exploring Dubrovnik in Just 48 Hours – Can It Be Done?

Whether you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of Cersei Lannister at King’s Landing, or if you’re looking to amble around exploring the limestone paved streets, Dubrovnik is a captivating city whichever way you choose to explore it. Dubrovnik is … Continue reading

How To Save Money While Still Eating Healthy? (The Best Money-saving Tips!)

If you think that people are fat because they can’t afford to buy healthy food, think again. Healthy food is not expensive, and unhealthy food is not always cheap. And in this article, I’m going to prove to you how … Continue reading

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Tea (#8 Is theMost Common)

I live by the saying that food is the best medicine. To be honest, I don’t like anything as much as I love drinking tea. When you open my kitchen cabinets, you’ll always find a few boxes of tea in … Continue reading

A Few Quick Notes To Help Create a Pre Road Trip Checklist

If you’re headed out on any sort of an extended journey in your car, it’s important that you do a set of pre-travel checks. But, if you want to remain organized, it’s a good idea to organize an actual checklist … Continue reading

Got It All Mapped Out: How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

It’s been chronicled by Jack Kerouac and talked about often in every college dorm throughout the nation. Road trips are adventures on the highways. How you plan your trip, however, determines whether you have an unforgettable or mostly miserable time. … Continue reading

Protecting a Home When Traveling Abroad

One of the first major trips I took had me spending two months overseas. I was so enamored by the idea of travel and all that the journey had to offer that I didn’t pay much attention to my apartment … Continue reading

Your Southeast Asia Itinerary: How to Explore the Region

Asia is Earth’s largest and most populated continent, with an area mass of 44.58 million km². Within Asia, there is a diverse collection of countries – India, China, Thailand, North and South Korea, and Japan – and it has become … Continue reading

Travel and Destiny – A True Love Story – The Modern Marriage

How I Met the Man That Changed My Life! Life changes happen in an instant! Whether we are ready for them or not! March 5, 2001 my entire life changed, although I wasn’t at all aware it was happening – … Continue reading

Darwin – The Travel Gateway to Northern Australia

Darwin is a cosmopolitan, tropical city situated on the edge of the Arafura Sea in the Top End of the Northern Territory of Australia. It is the international gateway to Australia’s Top End and the beautiful National Parks of Litchfield … Continue reading

Top Things To Consider When Planning Your Next New York City Bus Tour

Bus tours are an excellent way to sightsee a city, such as New York, without having to arrange transportation and accommodations on your own. It’s no secret that New York is a vast and sprawling city, so navigating your way … Continue reading

Caribbean Travel – Magnificent Villas in St. Barts

A fancy vacation on the exclusive island of St. Barts is delightful on its own, but it’s even more pleasurable when partnered with a few days of stay in one of its plush villas. Sure, it may be costly, but … Continue reading

USA Travel – 6 Reasons Why New York City is Great

If you have read my articles for a while you already know that I grew up in New York City. Even though life took me to Central America, I still love and miss being in NYC. I’ve visited it many … Continue reading

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