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Blogging Tips – How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

If you like to travel and you like to write, it makes complete sense for you to start a travel blog. Not only will your blog share information with people that can help them make their own vacation plans, but … Continue reading

Best Sunny Beach Destinations In USA

Family beach trips are well known for building great memories for all who travel. It is not a common event that one destination pleases every member of the family, but the beach usually does the trick. There are not many … Continue reading

Vietnam Travel – Da Nang, Here We Come!

The journey from Hue – Hoi An to Da Nang is a trip that I plan to go when I just come back Vietnam but never had enough time and friends to go along. This time, I found a friend … Continue reading

Brewery Tours – Best Breweries to Visit in the United States

Born in San Francisco, California now living in Australia I miss so much about my home. Spending warm summer evenings at Coliseum watching my beloved Oakland Athletics through another losing season, the 4th of July celebrations, Halloween and the … Continue reading

Travel Gear – Must Have Tech For Travelers

Attention all non millennials out there. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we truly live in a world of technology— and yes, some of it may seem redundant and overwhelming! However, there is a time and place for everything and tech … Continue reading

Travel Tips – Frequent Travelers Can Manage Better With Proper Planning The Trips

People who like to travel around the world for pleasure or work require air travelling facilities more than anything. There is not a single person who would want to reach the destination tired or grumpy due to bad treatment along … Continue reading

8 Beaches Around The World That Are Perfect Romantic Getaways

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” That’s what travel does to you. It replenishes the youth inside you, gives you new life experiences, makes you feel encouraged and opens … Continue reading

Traveling With Pets – What You Need To Know About Boarding Your Dog

Sometimes you need to board your dog. You’re going to visit a family member that doesn’t allow dogs in their home. You’re going on vacation and your dog doesn’t travel well. Whatever your reason for needing to board your dog, … Continue reading

Travel Planning – Things To Look Up Online Before You Head Out On Vacation

The internet is your friend and you should use it whenever you have the chance to. When it comes to planning your vacation the internet can do so many great things for you, and make your planning so much easier. … Continue reading

Travel Games – Break Down International Boundaries

While it’s undeniably true that travel broadens the mind there are some definite hurdles to overcome before it becomes a truly memorable and rewarding experience. It’s all too easy to visit somewhere, enjoy all the traditional tourist experiences and fill … Continue reading

The World’s Best Motorhome Destinations

If you are considering whether or not you want to buy a motorhome then you may be pleased to know that motorhome owners have far more freedom than other travellers. Nothing can quite eclipse the feeling of hitting the open … Continue reading

Living in Harrogate: One of the UK’s Happiest Places

Harrogate, North Yorkshire is renowned for many things: tea, medieval springs, and quintessential English charm. This historic spa-town has won the accolade of happiest city to live in the UK for 3 of the last 5 years and it’s not … Continue reading

Best Travel Credit Cards – Accruing Free Hotel Accommodations in America!

We all love to travel but we also dread those costly expenses that travel costs inflict on our finances. Accommodations, airfare, food, excursions and miscellaneous costs that unforeseen throughout every trip. Don’t be discouraged my friends, there’s options out there. … Continue reading

5 Reasons you Should Spend your Next Vacation in Greenland

The world is full of beautiful destinations but none comes as close to the remarkable beauty of Greenland. And, even though this statement feels like I am boasting about the place, quite frankly, it is true, and you will definitely … Continue reading

Top Travel Apps: Handy Smartphone Helpers for Frequent Travelers

If you’ve traveled extensively before, you know that as fun as the adventures can be, there can also be a lot of headaches. Navigating your way through unfamiliar places and finding the right accommodations can be a real burden sometimes. … Continue reading

What Happens if Your Rental Car Does Not Have a Spare Tyre?

You have rented a car for a long journey. Everything has been fine until now. One of the tyres has become flat and you cannot drive on it. Worse still, you have discovered that there is no spare tyre in … Continue reading

How to Take your Family on Vacation with Limited Funds

Do you want to take a family vacation but cannot afford it? You should consider other ways of raising money for your vacation. If your earnings are not enough, there are plenty of other ways to earn money or save … Continue reading

Overseas Volunteering Opportunities: Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Perfect Fit

With so many international volunteer opportunities out there, selecting a project can be difficult. Here are the seven top questions for connecting with the perfect volunteer project abroad. The ‘7’ Top Questions for Overseas Volunteering 1. Am I suited to … Continue reading

Five Travel Tips For Healthier Travels

Whether you’re traveling across the country or across the world, you want to have safe travels. Traveling safely is about more than your plane staying in the air or your vehicle not being part of an accident. It’s also about … Continue reading

8 Reasons to Go Cruising Around the World

Lately I have hear a lot of people talking about how cruising doesn’t sound like the right way to travel for them. Personally I really enjoy spending a week in these huge ships. My family has been in a couple … Continue reading

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