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Pampering Yourself at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa

My stay at the Epicurean Hotel was much more than just a regular visit. In a truly long time, I dove into self-care. And what better place than at the in-house spa at the Epicurean – Evangeline Spa. The motto … Continue reading

3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

Do you suffer from seasickness, but want to experience a Disney Fantasy Cruise? Have no fear, The Senses Full service spa has you covered! Funnily enough, I get sea sick on small boats but not on huge cruises, but when … Continue reading

Thermal Spa to Sooth Your Sense and De-Stress You!

My husband and son are climbing junkies. Every weekend they head over to Lake Amatitlan. I’m not into rock climbing, but my hubby said I should join him in the area since it’s so gorgeous and he recommended I visit … Continue reading

Have You Ever Tried a Nahgra? – Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

First of all, I bet you’re asking – What is a Nahgra? Let’s begin with a quick definition and explanation. Nahgra – Kinesi Therapy machine was invented by a Korean martial arts scientist, Dr. Charles Kwak. This unique system implements … Continue reading

Balance Spa – Where Tranquility and Calm Meet – Granada, Nicaragua

While staying at La Bocona Hotel I had a very pleasant encounter with Amos. He presented himself as the owner of the spa Balance which occupied the back part of La Bocona Hotel. Since I’m a sucker for a good … Continue reading

La Ceiba Porta Spa in Antigua – Traditions of the Maya

I am a spa junkie. And have turned my husband into one as well. Whenever we need a massage, we do the couples packages so that we can relax and feel the joys of a good massage at the same … Continue reading

Guatemala Travel – SPA Day in Antigua Guatemala

I still can’t believe how many different things are packed into a super tiny city like Antigua. I say that because I have found countless hotels, restaurants, bars, dance schools, Spanish schools and handcrafts stores. But now I found something … Continue reading

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