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The Ultimate Travel + Sports Towel by GogoGear – Review

When traveling with kids, you have to be prepared for everything! And I have found that towels are always the one thing that I tend to leave behind – purposefully. They just seem to take up the most amount of … Continue reading

Adventure Pack – Wet & Dry Backpack by Aquapac – Review

My husband and son climb every week! It’s their thing! They love it. However, the downside of living and doing active stuff in a tropical country are the rains. Or my like the unexpected rains! They come out of nowhere, … Continue reading

Central America Map – Review – Nelles Verlag

Preparation for any trip always starts with a map. At least in our house. My husband is a bit of a Map junkie. He first needs to get his coordinates ready to go and then upload them into his GPS.  … Continue reading

Review – Travel Bag – Carry On – by Tom Bihn

Have you used a bag that seizes to amaze you, or even better seems to have the never ending space for your thing? If you raised your hand yes, then the only bag you could be referring to is: Tom … Continue reading

Ladies Dual Headed Two Timezone Travel Watch – Pedre Watch Review

I don’t know about you, but whenever I visit another country, especially in a different time zone, I’m always wondering what time it is at home. Most of the times I don’t even change it. Traveling with kids, jet lag … Continue reading

Freestyle Adventure Waterproof and Durable Watch – Review

My husband, like most men, loves his watch! I remember when I first met him, he showed off one his watches telling me that when he started working his very first paycheck went to buying it. That was a long … Continue reading

The Ultimate Hiking Shoe for Kids – Teva Review

“Mom, these shoes feel like I’m wearing slippers – I never want to take them off.” This was the first comment out of my son’s mouth after he put on his Teva’s for our hike. I have a confession to … Continue reading

Kids’s Rolling Backpack – Travel Suitcase Review from JWorld

Packing for kids can go either way: It can be a horribly drawn out process with them only taking their toys, or it can be super fun and helpful to the parents. We all want the fun to happen. For … Continue reading

Memory Card Travel Case – Review – Digital Foci

Lately, on our trips, between my husband hogging up the camera and my kids experimenting with way too many videos, I’ve had to buy a bunch of memory cards for our cameras and camcorders. And I’ll tell you this, one … Continue reading

Adventure and Outdoor Clothing – Rail Riders Clothing Company – Review

It’s no secret that I live in the tropics and my family and I do a lot of traveling in this neck of the woods. There are so many benefits to traveling and living in warm, tropical weather I can’t … Continue reading

Trace Me – Luggage Tracking Card

With constant bag losses and theft at airports, it becomes a frustrating part of traveling. What do you do to keep track of them? How can you find out where they are and what REALLY happened to them? Well there … Continue reading

Packies by Daymakers – Travel Cases and Bags Review

When traveling the #1 most important thing for me, these days, is to be organized! Traveling with two small children, a seven year old and a one year old, is all about knowing where everything is in your bag and … Continue reading

Bon Voyage Travel Journal – Review

I love travel journals. For some reason, they seem to be a highlight during my travels. And traveling with kids,  you can’t really sit down next to a computer with a baby in hand, yet you can easily sneak in … Continue reading

Giveaway – Traveler’s Journal by Peter Pauper Press

I’m hosting a great giveaway. So join in the fun now! All you have to do is tweet me, write on my facebook & leave a comment on this post saying why you’d like to have this journal. Here’s what … Continue reading

Weather Station Key Chain – Review

Living in Central America we don’t get the benefits as in the States or other countries where you have weather reports and predictions. Here the weather is always “Chance of rain, sunny and prefect.” Which is usually true, but you … Continue reading

QuikPod Camera Extender, Tripod and Accessory Package – Review

What do you do when you want to take a family photo at a great spot? I feel like either my husband or I always have step out and take it our picture. And most times we’re not in places … Continue reading

ZipShot Tripod for Cameras – Review

When you’re a beginner photographer you don’t realize the importance of accessories for your camera.  For example, when you want to take a family portrait, which is seldom done when traveling. Problems with Taking Family Photos: 1. Normally one parent … Continue reading

Travel Kit for Kids by Klutz

The best way to have a relaxed family car trip is to bring along traveling activities for your kids. This way they have fun and you enjoy a smooth ride. I stumbled on to Kid’s Survival Travel Kit while searching … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Backseat Organizers by Talus

Whenever I go on a road trip with my family I like to take with me some travel magazines & a guide book with information of the place I’m going to visit. I also take different items that are going … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Alex’s Car Valet

I found a great car organizer for my kids! You know that I’ve been going on long road trips with my family recently and I always need something to keep my boys entertained and happy for as long as I … Continue reading

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