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Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – California Baby Natural But Blend Repellent Spray

Looking for products that can make you traveling easier and a lot more pleasant I found a repellent for kids made out of natural ingredients and DEET free. It also said it repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies so … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Lightload Travel Towel

Ok so this is something that everyone needs not just travelers. But this particular brand offers a different kind of towels that I know that are great for travelers, adventurers and anyone. Let me give you a short description of … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Mountainsmith’s Cyber II Camera Case

As you probably know I love to take pictures of every place I visit and almost everything I do. So I always carry my camera with me when I travel and even when I go to the super market because … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Laundry Bags Supply Counter Bag w/ Strap

When traveling for a long time I hate having to carry tons of clothes with me so I have clean clothes to wear throughout the trip. I also hate having many small bags where I carry my dirty clothes to … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Collapsible Eco-friendly Water Bottle

I love traveling, it’s one of the best things a person can do in its life. Yet sometimes you find your self in a rather weird situation. I was recently having a family adventure in Tikal National Park, Guatemala, a … Continue reading

17 Accessories You Can’t Leave Without

When we are getting things ready to go on our next vacation we normally pack the essentials but there are some accessories that you can’t leave your home without, here are some: 1. Hand Bag: These are the small bags … Continue reading

Ecover Products – The Power of Nature – Product Review

Living in Central America really limits my ability to buy eco-friendly cleaning products. There just doesn’t seem to be a big enough market here. Yet, some companies, that truly believe in improving our the state of our Earth are working … Continue reading

Wanderlust and Lipstick: The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo – Review

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro  Way before my days of being a mommy, I traveled on my own – a lot! I learned quite a few traveling do’s and don’ts for solo … Continue reading

TuGo – The Handy Luggage Drink Holder

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro I’m a travel accessory addict. Most people love to shop for clothes or cool housewares. I buy travel accessories! So when the TUGO people at Good Tugo … Continue reading

Insect Repellents that do their Job: Kill Insects Not People!

It’s actually one Insect Repellent that I’m talking about! Pest-Off Natural Insect. I accidentally found this at my friends house who was living here and about to move. She had an extra bottle and said I could have it. I … Continue reading

Loving Naturals Organic DEET Free Insect Repellent

This is a quick drying, non-sticky, 100% Natural/ Organic bug repellent. It is also DEET free. It is perfect for every kind of skin especially for those people with sensitive skin and for kids. If you don’t believe it is … Continue reading

Dorcy’s 6V 2D LED Flashlight

The 6 volt / 2D LED Flashlights this is a combo of two durable and super potent flashlight made with a long lasting and hard to break material. They also have a weather resistant design and provide several hours of … Continue reading

Lightload Travel Towels

These super light and absorbent towels are the only ones that can fit into your pocket no matter what size they are. They are made of a very thin and soft material. They come in many different sizes that go … Continue reading

Cyber II – Point & Shoot Case

Mountainsmith’s Cyber II Camera Case is made of a recycled fabric making it an environmentally friendly option for all those travelers concerned about taking care of the planet. It comes in three different sizes that fit almost every size of … Continue reading

Laundry Bags Supply – 22 x 28 Counter Bag w/ Strap

These laundry bags are made of a heavyweight nylon fabric. This makes them durable and tear resistant. They also come with a strap that you can put on your shoulder to carry it that is also made of nylon. As … Continue reading

Collapsible Eco-friendly Water Bottle

What makes this water collapsible bottle eco-friendly is the fact that it is reusable and easy to wash. It is a great option for travelers because it can be folded to the size of a hockey puck so it can … Continue reading

Smart girls Grab-N-Go Skincare Kit

This is a skincare kit for travelers where the size of everything is FAA approved. It is great for travelers concerned about the environment because it comes in a biodegradable packaging. This kit includes: * 2 oz. Natural SPF 30+sunscreen … Continue reading

California Baby Natural Bug Blend Bug Repellent Spray

This is a safe and natural and DEET free alternative to toxic bug repellent chemicals. It helps soothing existing bites with herbs that are specific to the healing of the skin and keeps the bugs away from your children. It … Continue reading

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