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A Backpack That is an Addiction

“I’m addicted to my backpack,” my husband announced after using it for work. His work isn’t the kind that you head to an office and put the bag by your desk side, but rather going out in the field and, … Continue reading

Looking for Sunglasses Over Glasses? Here’s One To Consider

Do you struggle with sunglasses and prescription lenses? This seems to be a huge complaint for my dad who constantly is on the look for the right type of sunglasses to wear over his glasses. He tried doing the prescription glasses that … Continue reading

Travel Wallet and Passport Holder – The Proper Way To Travel

What’s a good gift to give your dad? A man who really doesn’t need anything – at least nothing that he allows anyone to know. So pounding my head over and over again for the best gift option, I realized … Continue reading

Freestyle Adventure Waterproof and Durable Watch – Review

My husband, like most men, loves his watch! I remember when I first met him, he showed off one his watches telling me that when he started working his very first paycheck went to buying it. That was a long … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Pacific Shaving’s Gift Pack

The Gift Pack by Pacific Shaving is a small package that contains all of their eco friendly products for shaving. Here is a short description of each of them: Natural Shaving Oils: This is a teeny tiny bottle that contains … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Insect Shield Purdom Hiker Socks by Exofficio

I was searching the internet for some products that might be useful for my upcoming trips when I ran into these eco-friendly socks that said they worked as bug repellent too. As you can imagine I got really curious about … Continue reading

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