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Deep Sea Exploration in a Submarine – A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

A few months back I read an article somewhere online that in the world there are only four passenger submarines that can take you on a deep sea exploration to depths of up to 2500 feet under water. I’m not … Continue reading

Salsa Dance Classes in Antigua, Guatemala – Video of the Week

Antigua, Guatemala is considered the capital for Salsa Dance classes in Central America. And it’s not only for adults, kids will have a blast learning how to move their hips and get in step with their partners (even if it … Continue reading

Eco Friendly Hotel Overlooking the Caribbean Sea – Life is Good!

To find an eco friendly hotel or losge is difficult in Central America, so when an opportunity arises, I try all I can to work it into my traveling itinerary. Tranquilseas in Sandy Bay on Roatan Island, was a must … Continue reading

Snorkeling In Roatan – Underwater Museum

Snorkeling and Roatan can almost be synonymous. With crystal clear blue waters and the second largest barrier reef in the world what you end up getting is simply one of the most perfect spots to snorkel. These are the two … Continue reading

Want to Experience an Exclusive Mansion on the Caribbean? – Hotel in Roatan

Ages ago I remember watching shows like ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and thinking that would be a super cool way to travel. But chances are, I thought, that they are totally out of my price range and unattainable … Continue reading

Delkin Devices Sensor Scope and Digital Duster – Review

My brother, a photo junkie, is extremely into his camera. He refuses to get it cleaned professionally, in fear that they will ruin his lens. So he was very excited when I gave him the Delkin Devices Sensor Scope and … Continue reading

Polar Bear Coolers – Review

As all of you traveling moms out there know, when you travel with kids or babies you have to take with you at way too much stuff like: bottles, snacks & juices (as a minimum). That’s why I’m always looking … Continue reading

Casa Particulares – Lodging in Havana Cuba

Cuba is unique in every possible way. When you visit the gorgeous country/island you leave all that you know about traveling behind and enter a fully new experience! This starts with Lodging in Cuba. You can certainly stay at any … Continue reading

Rite in the Rain – All Weather Notepad and Pen

I don’t know about you but whenever I travel there are two things I love to carry with me a map and a note pad to write down any detail I want to make sure I don’t forget. Yes! Technology … Continue reading

Hawk 45 Travel Backpack By High Sierra Sport Company – Review

Carrying a big suit case with wheels isn’t always the best idea when traveling to off the beaten path destinations. Mainly for hiking or camping.  That is why I needed to find something that could fit tons of luggage but … Continue reading

Kwikpoint Visual Language Translator – Review

Recently, my parents came to visit me in Guatemala. Since I have to work and they wanted to get to travel around the country they decided to go on their own.  One slight problem, that they felt they had, was … Continue reading

The Ultimate Travel + Sports Towel by GogoGear – Review

When traveling with kids, you have to be prepared for everything! And I have found that towels are always the one thing that I tend to leave behind – purposefully. They just seem to take up the most amount of … Continue reading

Macaw Mountain Bird Rescue Center, Copan in Honduras – Video of the Week

Macaw Mountain in Copan, Honduras is an extraordinary special bird rescue center. Plus, you can have a hands on experience with Macaws, Parrots, Toucans and Owls. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Adventure Pack – Wet & Dry Backpack by Aquapac – Review

My husband and son climb every week! It’s their thing! They love it. However, the downside of living and doing active stuff in a tropical country are the rains. Or my like the unexpected rains! They come out of nowhere, … Continue reading

Central America Map – Review – Nelles Verlag

Preparation for any trip always starts with a map. At least in our house. My husband is a bit of a Map junkie. He first needs to get his coordinates ready to go and then upload them into his GPS.  … Continue reading

Review – Travel Bag – Carry On – by Tom Bihn

Have you used a bag that seizes to amaze you, or even better seems to have the never ending space for your thing? If you raised your hand yes, then the only bag you could be referring to is: Tom … Continue reading

Ladies Dual Headed Two Timezone Travel Watch – Pedre Watch Review

I don’t know about you, but whenever I visit another country, especially in a different time zone, I’m always wondering what time it is at home. Most of the times I don’t even change it. Traveling with kids, jet lag … Continue reading

Islets of Granada – Video of the Week

The Islets of Granada are a must do boat tour. With views of volcanoes and 365 gorgeous tiny islands with houses, restaurants and even monkeys on them. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Kids Restaurant – The Only Kid Run Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

Eating out for me is about the experience. Anyone can go to any old restaurant, but how about trying something totally new and different! Living in Antigua, I can say we have tried 90% of the restaurants here. It was … Continue reading

Freestyle Adventure Waterproof and Durable Watch – Review

My husband, like most men, loves his watch! I remember when I first met him, he showed off one his watches telling me that when he started working his very first paycheck went to buying it. That was a long … Continue reading

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