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First hand hotel reviews from a family who has been there and tried them.

Glamping It Up In Belize’s Jungles – Lodging in Belize

When I originally made reservations for our lodging in Belize, in Chaa Creek specifically, I chose to stay at Macal River Camp for our whole stay. Knowing my kids, they would absolutely love camping and roughing it (to some degree). … Continue reading

Building a Luxury Eco Lodge From the Ground Up – Chaa Creek

Belize, one of the tiniest countries in Central America, has so much to offer that it’s hard to decide where to start. I did lots and lots of research, and finally decided to start in San Ignacio which is in … Continue reading

Hotel With a Great View on Utila Honduras

Utila Honduras is known for three things: 1. Diving 2. Budget Hotels with a sense of style 3. Diving My son and I aren’t divers, but we are explorers and the fact that we were so close to Utila during … Continue reading

Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala – Video of the Week

Santo Domingo Hotel in Antigua Guatemala is considered one of the most luxurious and unique hotels in Latin America. It has ruins and museums with a delicious restaurant. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Luxury Honduras Resort and Diving on the Utila Island

Utila is one of the smaller Bay Islands of Honduras but is ranked number two in the world when it comes to diving and becoming PADI certified – which is no easy feat to attain! Utila is also known for … Continue reading

Eco Friendly Hotel Overlooking the Caribbean Sea – Life is Good!

To find an eco friendly hotel or losge is difficult in Central America, so when an opportunity arises, I try all I can to work it into my traveling itinerary. Tranquilseas in Sandy Bay on Roatan Island, was a must … Continue reading

Want to Experience an Exclusive Mansion on the Caribbean? – Hotel in Roatan

Ages ago I remember watching shows like ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and thinking that would be a super cool way to travel. But chances are, I thought, that they are totally out of my price range and unattainable … Continue reading

Casa Particulares – Lodging in Havana Cuba

Cuba is unique in every possible way. When you visit the gorgeous country/island you leave all that you know about traveling behind and enter a fully new experience! This starts with Lodging in Cuba. You can certainly stay at any … Continue reading

Playa Sunzal – Vacation Rental – My Newest Addiction

I have a confession to make: After all my years of traveling – I have never stayed in a vacation rental! This all changed with our last trip. My love for El Salvador became contagious and my friends wanted to … Continue reading

Yat Balam a Boutique Hotel With So Much More – Copan Hotel

While researching my family vacation to Copan Ruins in Honduras, I was incredibly impressed with the hotels that were available in such a cute little town. However, I came upon a Copan hotel called Yat Balam and just fell in … Continue reading

Have You Ever Stayed at a 100 Year Old Hacienda? – Hacienda San Lucas

Living in Latin America you hear the word Hacienda used very often in conversation. Yet, you never really get a chance to visit one. So you can imagine our delight when we stayed at a 100 year old, traditional Hacienda … Continue reading

Hotel Dario, Beware of Management Egos – Hotel in Granada Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua is one of those colorful little towns that with every corner there is a new surprise. My trip to Nicaragua was a duel mission – Family adventure and work – tons of my clients and readers have been … Continue reading

La Perla Hotel – Luxury Hotel in Leon Nicaragua

On our last night in the country we had a grand farewell by staying in a hotel in Leon Nicaragua called La Perla Hotel which is located right in the heart of of the city! Before arriving I knew that … Continue reading

Eco Lodge Adventure on Ometepe Nicaragua – Totoco Lodge

Did you know that Ometepe Nicaragua is the largest fresh water island in the world? And I bet you didn’t know it was the only freshwater island in the world with TWO volcanoes on it! With that said, you know … Continue reading

La Bocona Hotel – Luxury Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is Nicaragua’s colonial gem! Cobblestone streets, great boulevards with hundreds of outdoor restaurants and cafes, lake front parks and isletas, and don’t forget the horse carriage ride, are just a few of the things to do here! So to … Continue reading

Hotel in Leon Nicaragua – Luxury and Uniqueness El Convento Hotel

When I first heard of El Convento Hotel in Leon, Nicaragua I was instantly drawn to it. First of all, the fact that we would be staying in a Convent, even if it is fully refurbished and reconstructed, is different … Continue reading

El Salvador Spotlight – Hotel Tekuani Kal, Playa Tunco

Hotel Tekuani Kal is a small beautiful beachfront hotel with 6 rooms located just 3 minutes away from the black-sanded beach called Playa Tunco in El Salvador. It is perfect for family vacations but I would recommend it only for … Continue reading

Hotel Las Puertas de Suchitoto El Salvador

The town of Suchitoto El Salvador is a small, relaxed colonial place. It is a popular destination for locals because of its handcrafts, cultural activities and nearby lake. If you are thinking about spending a weekend here there are many … Continue reading

Boutique Hotel, Los Almendros de San Lorenzo – Suchitoto in El Salvador

Out of all the hotels I visited when I went to Suchitoto in El Salvador this one was the most beautiful one. It is called Los Almendros de San Lorenzo. It is located in the colonial and absolutely beautiful town … Continue reading

Spotlight – La Posada de Suchitlan, Suchitoto El Salvador

We just came back from a trip to El Salvador. I loved every minute of it! So in the next weeks I’ll be showing you some of the hotels and tours I loved the most. Don’t miss your chance to … Continue reading

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