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Travel tips for travelling with kids Internationally, United States, Central America and South America.

Ayia Napa Holidays for the Family

For some, Ayia Napa is the Benidorm of Southern Europe – a nowheresville strip of bars and nightclubs where party-going Britons in their 20s and 30s dance all night and sleep all morning, waking to a pint of London Pride … Continue reading

5 Ways to Have a Great and Affordable Family Vacation in the UK

Looking for a cool and affordable place to visit with your family? Have you considered the United Kingdom? Yes, the UK! This is an incredibly popular destination for travelers and is also known for a quite expensive place to visit. … Continue reading

Tips for Saving on Flights

Because of the amount of more affordable flights, that are now available in the market, it has become a lot easier to travel for adventurers and even families. There are some companies out there, like Monarch Airlines, that are offering … Continue reading

6 Ideas on How You Can Save Some Money While Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is something that all of us would like to do at least once in our lives. The problem is that it can get a bit expensive to go on a vacation to a foreign country, especially if you … Continue reading

2 Fun Things to do in Guatemala Other Than Hiking

Guatemala means land of forests. That is exactly what you will find when you visit this Central American country, lots of forests and jungles that cover mountains, valleys and volcanoes, and hide in them lots of different animal species, lakes … Continue reading

Experience the Thrill of a South American Cruise

For a cruise destination with a difference, the South Americas hold a wealth of thrills that no other continent in the world can match. From the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aries to the natural beauty of the Chilean fjords and … Continue reading

Must Do’s with Kids when Visiting the UK – Family Vacation

The UK is an amazing option for a family vacation. There are tons of kid friendly activities and hotels. You can find stuff for weeks of fun for kids and adults as well as various weekend breaks available throughout the … Continue reading

4 Things you Need to Pack When Traveling with Kids

Traveling with children is a blessing and a stressful thing at the same time. After years of traveling with kids, you get the time to learn a few tricks that might help make someone’s first trip with kids a lot … Continue reading

A Different Kind of Holiday Destination for Families: Majorca

When it comes to looking for a holiday abroad, it can often be difficult to find the best destination that appeals to the whole family, especially for those who have young children. Parents will know from experience that not everyone … Continue reading

How to Get Around Central America

This thin strip of land that connects North and South America is famous for its forests, beaches, bio diversity and the ruins of ancient cultures. Although they are very similar, the cultures that you can find in each, offer particularities … Continue reading

Places to Visit in the Caribbean for Families

This is a series of islands located off of the coast of Central America, as a part of an archipelago. These islands were what Christopher Columbus found while looking for the Indies. They are known all over the world as … Continue reading

4 Must Do’s With Kids When Visiting Manhattan, New York

A lot of people look at Manhattan as the perfect travel destination for adults. But I discovered that it can also be a great place to visit with kids. It actually offers things that can keep families busy for days. … Continue reading

Forget what You Knew About Camping with the Family: Canvas

If people have a problem with camping, it’s traditionally because they feel it lacks the comforts they expect from a holiday. Well, what if you could have all the adventure of camping as well as a little luxury? With Canvas, … Continue reading

The Most Exciting Carnivals in the Central and South American Countries

During the first three months of the year, the Central and South American countries explode with the wildest, loudest, liveliest, and most colorful carnival celebrations the world over. While all of these celebrations come complete with amazing, colorful costumes, parades, … Continue reading

Packing for a Vacation with Kids

The transition from being a solo traveler, or traveling with a group of friends to becoming a parent traveling with small kids can be confusing for some people. I remember that back when I traveled alone packing was left to … Continue reading

Leave Central America for a Different Kind of Adventure – Discover the Spirit of Crete

One of the great things about holidaying in a new country is the discovery of local delicacies and tipples. That is why exploring Central and South America is such a cool thing. But there are tons of other destinations you … Continue reading

10 of the Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Manhattan is a huge city with an unstoppable energy. There is always some exciting event going on. This city is home to landmarks known around the world. It is divided into neighborhoods, each has particularities that make it special, and … Continue reading

4 Summer Activities for Families in Costa Rica

Lately is seems like more and more US citizens are leaving the country looking for a simpler life in a warmer climate. This is not just a vacation, but a new long-term life change, a new-start with a different career, … Continue reading

5 Fun Things To Do In Boston

Now that summer is so close, it is time to start looking for new fun destinations to travel to with the family! How about Boston? It is a historic city with many fun yet relaxing places where you can learn … Continue reading

3 Easier Ways to Become an Expat

Becoming an expat is as exciting as it is stressful. There are so many things that you have to consider before you move to a new country. But in the end, after you have sorted out all of the challenges … Continue reading

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