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Previt (Hi in Russian)!

me about me About Me!I’m Marina K. Villatoro and I am so excited to chat with you about all the odd things that happen to my multicultural/trilingual (English, Spanish and Russian) family and all our traveling escapades. Plus, life as an expat, education, parenting, motherhood, working and marriage. If I forgot something, that just goes to show how much we women have to juggle!


I’ll start by filling you in a bit on who I am so you’re not totally like: What in the world is SHE talking about!

I was born in communist Russia. When I was six years old, Russia was extremely happy to wash her hands of most Jews, so my parents did all they could and we migrated to New York. I led a pretty normal, predictable, almost boring suburban life.

My college years were mainly a blur, since I chose to transfer in total to 5 universities all for the ultimate ‘college experience’. Yet I still managed to graduate on time with a BA in something useless. And I’ve got a diploma to prove it!

However, one miraculous thing did happen during my undergrad years. I studied abroad in London and have been permanently bit by the travel bug. Right after graduation I hit the road running and haven’t stopped yet. I’ve lived in over 10 US states, 6 countries and have visited 35 countries and counting!

When I was 28 years old, tired of living the not-so-fun single life in Manhattan, I took my backpack and hopped on a bus going south. My original plan was to see the world, but I kind of got stuck in Latin America.

On a so-called normal traveling day I crossed the border from Belize to Guatemala and camped on the grounds of Tikal, the ancient Mayan ruins, next to a young Latino guy who spoke perfect English and made it his mission to follow me until I caved in and fell in love with him. Since then, I’ve happily become an Expat first in Costa Rica and now in Guatemala. Next stop Santiago, Chile. I have two boys that are raised in a multicultural, trilingual household. Needless to say, it’s never boring!

Join us on our adventures!

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Paka (Ciao in Russian)
Marina K. Villatoro
April 13, 2012

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