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Marina Kuperman Villatoro CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. Marina has been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. She travels all over the world with her family to give first hand experiences of where to eat, stay and play with kids. Needless to say, it’s never boring! Join Marina on Facebook and Twitter for more unique and boutique family travel!

Best Travel Credit Cards – Accruing Free Hotel Accommodations in America!

We all love to travel but we also dread those costly expenses that travel costs inflict on our finances. Accommodations, airfare, food, excursions and miscellaneous costs that unforeseen throughout every trip. Don’t be discouraged my friends, there’s options out there. … Continue reading

Training With a Runny Buddy – Day 4

I’ve never actually trained with someone, even when I was into fitness I did most of the training and working out myself. But now that I’m going for this crazy goal and somehow managing to inspire others to join me, … Continue reading

Total Transparency – Day 3 Training for Ultra Marathon 50K

NO ME LIKEYYYY Today is a REST DAY – my trainer says I can’t push myself too hard. So today is a day of facing up to my past five months of decision to NOT exercise at all. For a fitness … Continue reading

5 Reasons you Should Spend your Next Vacation in Greenland

The world is full of beautiful destinations but none comes as close to the remarkable beauty of Greenland. And, even though this statement feels like I am boasting about the place, quite frankly, it is true, and you will definitely … Continue reading

Top Travel Apps: Handy Smartphone Helpers for Frequent Travelers

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Day 2 – Training For a Marathon – Crazy Dangerous Run

The training has begun! Day 2 – Training For a Marathon Today I did 5.3 kilometers in 48.57 minutes I’m now around nine minutes per kilometer, moving up in the world. The speed walk I did took my from my … Continue reading

50 K Ultra Marathon – Who is Crazy Enough To Do This?

I AM CRAZEEEEEE – But I gotta maintain my VIDA LOCA If you don’t GO BIG – well, then why bother? Just signed up to do a 50K run!!! And hired me a super sexy trainer (my husband 😉 Not so … Continue reading

What Happens if Your Rental Car Does Not Have a Spare Tyre?

You have rented a car for a long journey. Everything has been fine until now. One of the tyres has become flat and you cannot drive on it. Worse still, you have discovered that there is no spare tyre in … Continue reading

How to Take your Family on Vacation with Limited Funds

Do you want to take a family vacation but cannot afford it? You should consider other ways of raising money for your vacation. If your earnings are not enough, there are plenty of other ways to earn money or save … Continue reading

Overseas Volunteering Opportunities: Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Perfect Fit

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Five Travel Tips For Healthier Travels

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8 Reasons to Go Cruising Around the World

Lately I have hear a lot of people talking about how cruising doesn’t sound like the right way to travel for them. Personally I really enjoy spending a week in these huge ships. My family has been in a couple … Continue reading

Travel Hack Your Way to Affordable Flights

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Top 4 Reasons You Should Travel To Italy

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Las Vegas Attractions You Simply Must Experience

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Traveling with Pets: Glamping with the Whole Family

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Traveling with Pets – Best Places to Bring a Dog on Vacation

It’s becoming increasingly harder for us travelers to leave our best mate at home anymore! With the increase of luxury hotels across the country accommodating our fury four-legged monsters it seems only fair they come along on the next family … Continue reading

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Best Hunting Trips Around the World for the Adventurous Sportsman

Do you want to hunt game and add stamps to your passport at the same time? Perhaps you seek to trek far into the north or south to find that prized grizzly bear or European bison. If you are dreaming … Continue reading