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Marina Kuperman Villatoro CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. Marina has been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. She travels all over the world with her family to give first hand experiences of where to eat, stay and play with kids. Needless to say, it’s never boring! Join Marina on Facebook and Twitter for more unique and boutique family travel!

Ideas for a Destination Wedding In Texas

If you love the idea of a destination wedding, but don’t want to go outside of the USA so any guests you might want to attend will be able to do so without having to worry about passports and other … Continue reading

Cancun Then and Now: The Evolution of Holidays to Cancun

The Vibrant Yucatan peninsula has long been one of the main tourist hubs in Mexico. From the capital of Merida to the irresistible northeastern shores of Cancun, flocks of tourists arrive each year in order to enjoy the sunshine, activites … Continue reading

Charleston Tours – Take a Walk Through History

Whenever my family and I travel we love to take tours of the places, predominantly cities, that we visit to get a good understanding of where we are and also what there is to do overall. Normally, with kids we … Continue reading

Why a Lodging Holiday Beats Out Staying In A Hotel

We’re so lucky to have so many options when it comes to choosing how we vacation. It’s almost become a sport in itself there are so many options out there. Most people think, however, that when they go on holiday, … Continue reading

Must-Have Items for the Traveling Mom

Traveling can present some of the best experiences you have with your family, but failing to pack the necessities can lead to inconvenience, expense, and ruined hours of time away. Before you load the car, spend some time reviewing all … Continue reading

Four Viennese Must-Do Activities for Children

A trip to Vienna doesn’t automatically make you think of child-friendly activities and locations. The city is famous more for Freud, vineyards, coffeehouses and classical music. The truth is, however, that Vienna has lots of things for children to see … Continue reading

Hotels in Charleston, South Carolina – Hilton Garden Inn Experience

Each year my husband and I have a few days for a romantic getaway while our kiddies are with my parents getting their grandparents quality time in. This year the featured destination – Charleston, South Carolina. Interestingly enough, I’ve been … Continue reading

JustFly’s Favourite Lesser Known Montreal Grub Shops

Montreal has some very famous restaurants. Schwartz’s Deli is famous for its stacked smoked meat sandwiches. O’Noir is the unique, complete darkness dining experience of a lifetime. And Beauty’s has lines out the door daily for its famous breakfasts. You … Continue reading

No Visit is Complete Without a Trip to Camp Nou Barcelona

Traveling Spain with two football fans makes it difficult to escape the Barca magic. Since we were in Barcelona when no games were played, we did the next best thing – tour of Camp Nou Barcelona. History of Camp Nou Barcelona … Continue reading

Wine Lovers – Hop in Your Car and Experience Two Countries and Non Stop Wine (Spain and France)

There are many things that people love about traveling to Europe. It offers historic sites, amazing natural beauties, architectural marvels, unique food and hundreds of places to visit. One of my favorite aspects about it is the wine production. I love … Continue reading

Banging the Bodhran for Irish Traditional Music in Dublin

When you think of Dublin, you perhaps think first of the wide range of cultural and historical visitor sites awaiting the visitor fresh to Ireland’s capital city. You might think of its churches, art galleries, museums and castles and even … Continue reading

Nashville: Not Just For Cowboys According To JustFly

Nashville, Tennessee is known as the home of country music. While they do have their Western game down, there is definitely more to this eclectic city. From diverse live music venues, to ice hockey, people looking to pass some time … Continue reading

Parc Güell – Unfinished Creation of Antoni Gaudí

If you don’t know what to do in Barcelona, you can easily stick to the Antoni Gaudí route and chances are you will not only visit all of his masterpieces that have become more than iconic, but even the face of … Continue reading

Antoni Gaudí – Casa Batllo in Barcelona

If there is one structure to visit in Barcelona outside of La Familia Sagrada and that is Casa Batllo. Antoni Gaudí’s most definitive artist work by far any. Interesting Facts about Casa Batllo The building where Casa Batlló stands built between … Continue reading

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona – Iconic and A Must-Visit for Everyone

La Sagrada Familia is almost synonymous with Barcelona. Whenever you hear either said you immediately think of one or the other. It’s like the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building and New York City. With so much hype around this … Continue reading

Barcelona Gothic Quarter Walking Tour – Family Friendly

Before arriving to any new destination, researching the place is not only common, but a smart thing to do. Unless you totally want to wing it, which is fun, but when you have kids, winging anything is more of a … Continue reading

Accidents and Illnesses: What to Do When the Unexpected Happens on Holiday

You expect your holiday to be full of fun and adventure, providing you with some treasured memories, but sadly things don’t always go according to plan. Personal injury firm are regularly asked to get involved in cases where an … Continue reading

Simon Coll – Chocolate Tour in Barcelona

Living with a family of chocolate lovers, the idea of visiting one of the most popular chocolatiers in Spain, Simon Coll, was a must do. Visiting and Touring Simon Coll Simon Coll is located about 45 minutes outside of Barcelona. What’s … Continue reading

Why Niagara Falls is the Perfect Destination for the Whole Family

Whenever you travel on holiday with children, you constantly worry about whether there will be enough for them to do. Although going to Niagara Falls is one of the bucket-list destinations, you might think that there wouldn’t be anything else … Continue reading

Gibbon Carriers launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Most parents know the feeling — your child gets tired and doesn’t want to walk anymore. And, of course, that’s the time you realize that you left your oversized and bulky child carrier at home. Now you have to choose … Continue reading