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Marina Kuperman Villatoro CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. Marina has been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. She travels all over the world with her family to give first hand experiences of where to eat, stay and play with kids. Needless to say, it’s never boring! Join Marina on Facebook and Twitter for more unique and boutique family travel!

Family Travel – Auto Safari Chapin – Much More Than an Animal Park, Guatemala

Are you ready for an all day family adventure in Guatemala! Auto-Safari Chapin is all that and so much more. Besides having an amazing collection of exotic and predatory animals for the car safari, you’ll eat like a king, flop … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – House For Sale in the Middle of Nowhere

Are you shopping around, how about this dilapidated house? It’s only $100,000! Two Floors and prime location: Middle of Nowhere!

Spot Cool Stuff – Where You Can Find All the Coolest Stuff on Earth!

I love weird stuff to try while traveling. I mean, if I don’t do something out of the ordinary and totally unique while traveling, I feel like I’m missing out! Wil from SPOT COOL STUFF not only feels the same, … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Diamonds Are a Girl’s Bestfriend (or Worst Enemy)

Plain and simple. Don’t bring your jewels when traveling to ANY Latin American country. Leave them at home! If you really want to bring your new engagement ring or that new bracelet your husband gave you for your 20th anniversary. … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Meet the Poisonous Cave

This is the cave. If you look all the way down, under the huge signs, you’ll see a teeny-tiny opening. This is where the deathly cave begins and ends! A baby’s foot can barely fit in there:)

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Welcome to the Cave of Death

The sign is bigger than the actual cave that has some poisonous gases that at most could suffocate an insect or a tiny bird. 🙂

Photo Friday – How Many Safari Cars Can One Have? – Africa Mia Safari in Guanacaste Costa Rica

I’ve written about my excursion to Africa Mia, a safari in Guanacaste just outside of Liberia. Besides the tender Giraffe experience, another thing in particular stuck out.The entire tour took less than two hours, yet we switched safari cars more … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Pool at Sarapiqui Hot Springs, Arenal

These are hot springs near Sarpiqui. They are nowhere near the magnificent beauty of Arenal’s hot springs. But are still a fun day out.

Costa Rica Vacation Testimonial – Costa Rican Tours

Jason, from Hightide Adventures, led our Palo Verde tour was great…gave us a history lesson on the way to the river, made sure we saw all of the animals we wanted to see on the trip, brought us drinks, took … Continue reading

Foodies Delight – Black Bean Soup

Beans are the essence of Central American cooking. So you can understand that whatever Ticos cook with beans is going to be good, because many years and generations have been perfecting it. Find more Costa Rican typical food dishes.  INGREDIENTS … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Path Unknown

Sometimes you don’t need to be going anywhere to be truly living in the moment.

Turu Ba Ri Adventure Park in Costa Rica – The Park

Turu Ba Ri covers over 90 sq. hectares of tropical forest. During the intense park tour, our guide managed to explain in an entertaining manner what an orchid is, how bromeliads grow, and the importance of banana plants. He also … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Endangered Sea Turtle’s Reality

This sea turtle was found on a daily hike to the Montezuma waterfall. The reality of our diminishing and on-the-verge of extinction marine life shouldn’t be overlooked.

Costa Rica Vacation Testimonial – Lesli Yager-Montgomery

The guides of Canopy Safari were great. They shuffled us all through the platforms and the lunch afterward was wonderful and the whole thing seemed to be very well run! We loved it!!! As for the Sunset Sailing crew, they … Continue reading

Turu Ba Ri Adventure Park in Costa Rica- The Canopy Tour

Costa Rica is world-famous for canopy tours. There are over 120 different locations throughout the country that you can zip over the tropical rain forest. Beware, not all of them are well done or meet the correct standards for secure … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – La Selva Nature Reserve and Biological Station

La Selva is a private Nature Reserve and Biological Station. It is a lovely park to visit with easy trails, and plenty of wildlife greeting you at every corner.

Weekly Travel Tip – Emergency Numbers

Luckily in Costa Rica the emergency number is 911. They speak English and are quite helpful. The problem though, is where are you? Costa Rica has one of the trickiest address and direction systems in Central America. Even though, technically, … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Sunset at Tamarindo Beach

Yes, Tamarindo is overdeveloped and yes it is overpriced. But let’s not overlook the true beauty of why people still flock here!

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Super-Sized Frog at INBio Park

This huge froggy stands as a welcome committee at the entrance of INBio park.

Guest Post: Costa Rican Wild Cats

I have been lucky to get Omer of Of Cats to write a brilliant article post about the wild cats of Costa Rica: Hi, My name is Omer and I blog about cats, their care and conservation at It … Continue reading