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Marina Kuperman Villatoro CEO of, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. Marina has been an expat 10+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. She travels all over the world with her family to give first hand experiences of where to eat, stay and play with kids. Needless to say, it’s never boring! Join Marina on Facebook and Twitter for more unique and boutique family travel!

Wildlife Costa Rica – 10 Curiosities About Agoutis

Agoutis or Tepezcuintles, like they are normally called, are small rodents that look a bit alike a guinea pig. They can be found from Mexico  to Paraguay passing through Central America. In Costa Rica they are commonly seen in the … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Check out the Countryside

Central America is home to some of the world’s most fascinating ancient sites that include Mayan ruins, church ruins, old buildings form its colonial days, incredible forests and much more. So where’s the point in staying in the in the … Continue reading

Wildlife Costa Rica – 8 Fun Facts About The Iguana

Either green or common iguanas are the largest lizards of America. They can be found in rain forests from Northern Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. In Costa Rica you can find them almost everywhere. Today I give you … Continue reading

Costa Rica Vacation Testimonial – Kimberly Hammett

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in saving my trip to the Manuel Antonio and Uvita area of Costa Rica. I have been to CR a number of times but never to this area.  I was … Continue reading

Spotlight Guatemala – Tikal Tour in Peten

Going to Tikal? Why what is there? Well first let me tell you that Tikal National Park is in Peten, a place hidden from the world deep into the Guatemalan cloud forest. Here is where ancient Mayans built their larger … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Practice Your Spanish

Part of the fun of traveling is trying to communicate with the local people and learning their traditions. In Central America you will always find nice people willing to let you know something interesting about their culture. So whatever Spanish … Continue reading

Wildlife Guatemala – 9 Facts to Discover About The Armadillo

These armored little guys can be found from northern Argentina to the southern United States. Armadillos are commonly seen in moist soil near the creeks, streams, and arroyos near which it generally lives and feeds. In Guatemala the most comon … Continue reading

Spotlight Costa Rica – Korrigan Lodge in Puerto Viejo

This is a great option for peace & nature lovers. There is this great Hotel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast that I absolutely love. It is called Korrigan Lodge. It consists of a number of bungalows nicely placed … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Chicken Buses – Go At Your Own Risk!

Buses are by far the cheapest and most efficient way to get around the Central American Region but let me tell you not all of them. There are some great bus companies where you can buy your ticket in advance, … Continue reading

Wildlife Costa Rica – 7 Secrets About The Scarlet Macaw

We have all heard about these funny, beautiful and colorful birds. The best places to find the Scarlet Macaw in Costa Rica is Carara National Park and the Osa Peninsula. Here are some secrets about them that you might like … Continue reading

Spotlight – Tour in Chichicastenango Guatemala, Central America’s Largest Market

The Chichicastenango Tour is the best way to get to know the traditions of Guatemala. In this tour you will be taken to Chichicastenango Guatemala (Quiche Department) in a private shuttle. Once you are there, you will have the opportunity … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Ask Before Taking Pictures

When I first came to Guatemala all I did was take pictures of everything and every one. One day I was at the local market and I over heard a couple of local ladies talking about them not wanting people … Continue reading

Wildlife Guatemala – 8 Facts About The Tarantula

  There are approximately 37,000 species of spiders that have been identified. These guys in Guatemala are found almost everywhere but are most commonly seen in the northern region of Peten I bet you didn’t know these facts about tarantulas: … Continue reading

Spotlight Costa Rica – Cano Negro Tour by Boat or by Canoe

  Canoa Aventurais a great tour operator that offers the most exciting water activities in Costa Rica, but today I’m going to focus on the Cano Negro tour in Arenal. There are two variations: a boat tour and a canoe tour. … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Season Matters When Traveling to Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica I figured a way to enjoy traveling without spending too much but most importantly without having to spend my vacations locked up in a hotel room. And this is my conclusion: December to early April are … Continue reading

Guatemala Wildlife – 8 Thrilling Details About The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Ok, so we have all heard that Sea turtles are on their way to be extinct, even the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles known for having the largest population around the globe. They love open ocean inhabitant so you will never … Continue reading

Spotlight Guatemala – Tour in the Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala’s Most Active Volcano

Can you imagine a delicious dinner with wine, cheese and delicious gourmet food on top of an active volcano? It is possible in Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano! This volcano is just a short drive away from Antigua Guatemala. In this tour … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Best Season To Visit Guatemala

April to October is Guatemala’s Green season, this is when you can get the best prices. But there’s a catch, it’s also the time of the year when you can do almost nothing because it rains almost every afternoon and … Continue reading

Family Travel – The Grand Jaguar in Tikal Guatemala

You know you’re walking into something crazy special when your 5 year old stops dead in his tracks, tilts his head all the way back and says “WOOOOOOOOOOOO”. That reaction pretty much sums up your feeling when you first enter … Continue reading

Photo Friday – Guatemalan Local Fair

Who’s hungry? This is just some of the food you can either delight in or run from at a local Guatemalan Fair. For more great Photo Friday friends go to Delicious Baby. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! … Continue reading