Playa Tunco – The Ultimate Surf Town!

Surfing In El Salvador

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El Salvador is slowly coming up as THE hot surf spot in Central America and for very good reason.

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We arrived during mid afternoon and had plenty of time to explore the beach and tiny town. We stayed in Tekuani Kal, located directly on the beach and about a 3 minute walk from the town center which was nothing more than a few hotels , bars, restaurants and too many surf shops.

We instantly fell in love with the place. Maybe it’s the energy, maybe it’s the gorgeous volcanic beaches, maybe it’s the fact that even though there were people there you felt like the place belonged to you. And what impressed us most of all was the amount of foreigners hanging out here either learning to surf or being surf groupies.

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The one downfall of the beach is that it’s really not swimmable. I would have had heart palpitations if B boy wanted to go swimming and my husband had to go with him. Gratefully, our hotel has a great pool and he was able to get his swimming fix there.

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But when in Rome… I insisted that my hubby and son take surf lessons. I figured, since they are both adrenaline junkies what better sport for them to start learning. International Dad proved me right, he was sooo into it that the next day he took another lesson and is now dreaming of when he can surf again.

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B boy on the other hand, did not feel comfortable at all. His instructor was great, very patient. But after a couple of times he came out to me and K boy. He just didn’t feel it. His thing has always been climbing, his element is Earth. The water is too unknown for him. The instructor tried really hard to get him out there and he went out one more time.

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Then B boy came up to me and said : “Mama, I don’t want to go back out there.” That was good enough for me. He enjoyed it enough not to be scared of it if he ever decides to take it up again in years to come.

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